We spend most of our time at the HATS orphanage, but HATS impact extends beyond the walls of this compound into the community as well. Sundays are a good example…we go next door to the school compound, which also houses the church. Lots of community children and some adults call this their church. There is a pretty impressive group of teens who have really taken on some leadership roles in the church. There is a rotation made up mainly of teens who take turns leading worship, reading scripture and singing specials.

Carrying Mama’s Bible to church


teens singing a special in church


teens leading worship


some of the teen boys drumming

Some of the teens even came up with the idea to offer Sunday School lessons prior to church on Sunday mornings.

Sunday School on the porch of the school


what a crowd of kids!


Moving from Sunday school to church


One section of Sunday morning service

On a recent Sunday afternoon the teens got together for a fun game of soccer in between the church and the school. They were really good! Notice that the “soccer field” is a little rocky – that didn’t stop a few of them from playing in their bare feet. They kindly offered to let us play with them, but I’m afraid our skills weren’t up to their level.

Flora, one of the goalies makes a great save!


A great game of soccer!

I love it that the teens are providing a great example of leadership to the smaller kids. I’m sure they are watching and learning, because

it’s all about the children!

~By Mike and Nicki