They will do the talking. Keith mentioned on his blog, we have very little electricity and thus are very short on internet time.

The children were truly happy to welcome mama back home.  We have had some great times together in the past few days.

Sign on very top of my house when I arrived home


Another sign to welcome mama home


Bye mama. We will be here with you when school is out


Karena’s first year in this uniform for grades 1-6


Jonathan and Sandra off to preschool one


Djemima in our uniform for grades 7 and up


Happy to be back outside walking with Mama


Karena needing to retie her shoelace


Sandra saw me take a photo of Karena retying her laces so she decided hers need help too


Helping little sister to walk


Saturday morning walk – watching workers in the gardens


Planting rice


Threshing rice by hand

Blessings everyone.