Happy Easter and blessings to you as we celebrate the reason for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I know it has been awhile without a blog but here we are.  I have been unable to get it done for various reasons.  One of which has been internet problems once again – on and off – more off than on. Today I have had no internet service.  Have no idea when this blog will actually be posted.  We are on satellite and internet service can be challenging.  I, however, am very thankful for the internet service when we have it.

Once again this blog will be short.  Photos will do the talking. Everyone here at HATS-Haiti are well and certainly keeping busy. The children are enjoying their Easter/Spring break.  It is back to school again on Tuesday.

My lovable kids


Fun skipping time


Mama Karen’s two youngest


Sandra & Jonathan checking out preschool and visiting big brother Jofky


School break. Play time with Mama


JJ and Moise love to do puzzles


JJ & Moise can’t finish the puzzle. Enter Djemima to do so


Two oldest girls and two youngest children


Godfather Vladimy with his godson Ronel

I will blog again soon.  Then next weekend a team from two Baptist churches –  New Brunswick and Newfoundland – will arrive.  They will blog while they are with us.  Two of those arriving, Kathleen from NB and Jess from NL, are very special to all of us and are definitely a part of the family of HATS.  We look forward to making new friends who are coming with our Jess and Kathleen. Excitement here is mounting as we await their arrival.  They are coming to help with the work of the mission generally but especially with the children.