Yeah Canada. Medals for Canada. Canada is doing well.

I have been enjoying reading this on facebook.  I, however, have seen nothing – nuttin a tall bye of the Olympics. This is not by choice.; What TV I do get here shows nothing of the Olympics. I have searched channels many times – but nothing. I have read about nail biting hockey games and other sports that I wish I could have seen. I try to look for something good in everything. Thus, I am settling for the fact that by seeing nothing my nerves are still intact. No one has needed to hear me say ‘Oh me nerves bye, oh me nerves.

While you folks have been able to watch the fantastic sports on TV, I have watched video clips of my granddaughter, Ariane, doing gymnastics. I am posting on this blog a photo of Ariane doing gymnastics Canadian style and of a boy here doing gymnastics Haitian style.

Ariane was doing a beam routine which no doubt would have had thick mats around in case of a fall.

Canada gymnastics – Ariane

The boy doing the back flips was doing his sport in sawdust that was covering a pile of garbage.

Gymnastics in Haiti


Canada – Haiti gymnastics at its best

One learns to make do with what one has.  Ariane is wearing a beautiful gymnastic suit.  This boy is wearing his birthday suit. (Keith, when here, put the Haitian flag on the appropriate place in the photos for me.) I enjoy watching both these athletes, from two different worlds, and would encourage them both to continue to do the best they can, with what they have, where God has placed them.

Keith is missed here on site.  Missed a great deal. The team did a great job on the project but the everyday things, including helping Ti Luc with his school work, that Keith took care of has been struggling since he left.  Mama Karen does not speak French. She can help Ti Luc with times tables and multiplication only.Germaine does what she can to help Ti Luc but more help is needed.

Ti Luc still in pajamas doing school work without Keith.

Our little Jonathan has been fighting against potty training.  Mama Karen has been fighting back and telling the house mothers “it is time!!” I resorted to bribes as I did with Sandra (bribes make everything work in this country so why not??) The promise of candy and chocolate is helping a little. Too, Jonathan wants to show Mama he is a big boy now.

I am a big boy now Mama


I can dress myself too Mama.

In our church service this morning I gave Jofky the box drum to play. He was beyond thrilled. He did very well with it and said “Mama, I am going to be even better than JJ when I get big like him.”

Jofky playing the box drum in church

There were a lot of children in church this morning, and three went to the back and lay down to sleep. All three were mine. There must be a message of some kind in that. Up too late? Up too early? Comfortable enough to do so?

Up too late or up too early perhaps.

Sunday mornings when church is over I oversee the gathering of the instruments, books, and especially of the children. I don’t usually need to oversee the adults – especially security. Today my kids were outside but Richard, our chief security, was locked inside. Now where on earth would my kids learn to play jokes like this??

Church is over. My kids are on the outside but security is locked inside.  Where would my kids learn to do something like that I wonder.

The construction of our church is moving along nicely. Pillars and posts are being poured and the strengthening belt part way up has just been done. This building is going to be a tremendous blessing when finished. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this construction a possibility.

Church construction

Thank you for all the help in many varied ways that allows this mission to continue to serve the children of Haiti.


God bless each and every one of you.