Nov 23, 2017

Hi, it’s Sandy.

Another long day in Haiti!  Liette is working me to the bone, and it has been very interesting.  We have had a lot of giggles too, especially at night when we have been going over name lists all day and we’re sure we have reviewed a list a million times.

This afternoon we had a birthday party for 3 of the children whose birthdays are in November.  They all enjoyed the cake, and the balloons were a big hit.  They played with them in the yard for a long time.

celebrating birthdays

Liette brought some Ninja Turtle masks that she picked up at a craft fair for the little kids.  They were a big hit and we got to see a display of awesome ninja skills.

A couple of local ladies came by with their wares for us to purchase, so we were able to do some in-home shopping of local crafts.

We are hoping to “finish” our work tomorrow, but something always comes up, so it is not likely.  I’m starting to see that that is just the way things go in Haiti.

Nov 24, 2017

Liette here today.

Ah, poor newbie Sandy, thinking we would finish our sponsorship work yesterday – ha!  Today we worked hard on finding and photographing the kids who had been absent all week, going over lists for the kajillionth time, cross-checking, finding which of the 7 different spellings is the correct one and then re-scanning all of the letters that we messed up on.

I also had the opportunity to speak to several hundred parents whose children are sponsored at the school.  Luckner asked for my help to impress upon the parents the importance of their small financial contribution to their children’s school fees, plus their implication in their children’s academic success.  I was able to explain that it is a sacrifice for many of our sponsors to find the money to send for sponsorship each year.  The parents are grateful and they do appreciate the help they are getting.  If you know anyone who might be interested in sponsoring, please have them contact me through our website as we have LOTS more kids needing sponsorship this year.

We took a break this afternoon to enjoy some delicious fresh coconut then to play soccer with the little kids.  It was a tough soccer match of boys vs. girls.  Dieunel and Luc were an awesome passing duo, Jofky stopped the shots on net and only two players got red cards (time out on the steps) for rough play.  Final score 5-4 for the boys, but the girls did an awesome job and celebrated together after.  We then went to watch some serious soccer with the senior high boys playing over at the school.  Barefoot and on rocks, they were awesome, making phenomenal saves in net particularly.

We spent another couple of hours this evening working on making sure the sponsor kids are accounted for and now we’re off to lay under the stars for a few minutes before bed.  Big day tomorrow with our “mountain” hike with the older kids at 6 am!