(coming a little late – May 28th, 2016)

After we were all awakened, some by the noise of roosters in the fields, others by mangos dropping from the trees, and others by snoring, we gathered for an early morning walk (5:45AM). It’s been a busy week and the first group walk of our visit. Even seven of the children came with us. The fields were wet and we appreciated really how dry it had been in previous years. Recent rainfall will no doubt help so many as they grow their crops. The cattle seen feeding in the fields also had plenty to graze on. We watched as men and women started their day by going by foot, by moto, or by donkey. Unfortunately, Karen could only walk part of the way due to her hip pain. Then again, it was doctor’s orders to not go for a walk at all!

Early morning walk

After breakfast, the ‘health promotion clinic’ opened again and a team of us worked so well together. While Karen, Jenny, Alycia, and Todd were helping people, Don was entertaining those waiting. Now that could mean telling a joke, or even standing on his head if he had to, and he nearly had to do just that but opted to lie on the floor instead. The health promotion clinics have inspired us to plan to return on a medical mission in 2017.

One of our grade 9 boys at Health Promotion

Our health promotion team worked very hard every day! Missing are Emma, Don, Nikki, Mike, and Karen. We all had specific roles and so far have had nearly 200 visits.

Brushing teeth is very important

This young boy shared that when he gets older he hopes to be a medical doctor. He is a student at Karen’s school. Health careers were promoted wherever possible.

At one of our Health Promotion Days he said he wants to be a doctor

In preparation for tomorrow’s Mother’s Day celebration, lots of kids gathered to help clean the church yard, others prepared loot bags, and selected what the children would wear using the clothes we brought from Canada.

Preparing loot bags to be given out after church

Our afternoon adventures began with a stop to see Luckner and his family.

Fantastic group at Luckner and Rose Lore’s

Our team has met so many interesting people this visit. This afternoon we met Tom Braak, an American from Michigan, who has been in Haiti for 19 years. His passion is teaching the Haitian people about the potential of cultivating various fruit trees and how to grow products that not only feed their families but can be used as a source of income. He owns a nursery just 10 minutes from Karen’s compound.

Tom Braak giving us interesting information re his tree nursery

Karen brought us to the pharmacy. Well, that was quite the adventure! There medications are sold without a prescription. We saw everything from medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, etc for easy access by anyone. Karen bought prednisone and allergy medicine for one of the students and it costs $13 American. Jenny was just happy to shop even if it was for medication.

The rain started to pour on our way home. Some of us were cozy in the air conditioned truck while others were soaked! Lacee didn’t mind though as she was busy courting any RCMP officer in sight! She did turn a lot heads!

It’s always nice to come home to the meals at HATS…  It was delicious and we are all so thankful for each day.