For the past two weeks work has been happening on three different projects at the same time: Generator room, School roof, Foundation for enclosure to go up on land behind school. The generator room finally has door which will be kept locked. We’ve had a classroom roof that has leaked from the day it was put on, three years ago. It now has a new roof which does not leak. It was tested the same day it was finished by a huge wind and rain storm. No water in the classroom. Good job Luckner!!

New door on generator room


New roof started for leaky classroom


Can’t finish roof today


New roof replacing one that leaked terribly
Cementing in rebar supports for enclosure
Foundation for enclosure of property

Lots of supplies has been, and continues to be, delivered to the land where the foundation is going up. On several occasions this had been a problem. Trucks have gotten stuck in the soft wet earth on that land. Today a huge truck delivered blocks for the enclosure and could not enter the school yard as it was higher than the top of our huge gate. What to do? Cut the rebar railing at top of gate, drive in and drop off blocks. Then call person who does soldering for us and get it repaired. Where there is a will there is a way – especially in Haiti. That was faster and easier than removing all the blocks and carrying them a long distance by hand.

Deliver rocks and get stuck in soft earth

Lots of action all the time. Lots more coming up. We have a work team arriving Oct 18th. Another one Nov, 2nd and another one Nov 13th. More busy days ahead, with chocolate and vanilla faces working side by side. When they are here I will take a break from blogging. Well actually I won’t have two minutes to sit down and blog anyway. Some of the workers will take on that job. They will keep you informed.

For the past two days we’ve had a seminar at our school for our teachers. School opens in Haiti on Monday. Far too much yet to be done before Monday. Teacher’s desks not yet painted. Desks are now being made for our prescolaire students. Will this all be done before Monday? I doubt it! Always too much to do. I’ve not had any time in my office this week, so if you have written I will respond eventually.

Our children are all doing well. Ti Luc has a new job that he is taking very seriously. He has been asked to make sure I eat. (I tend to forget and focus on the work only.) So now he sees himself as the ‘Manje Polis’. He blocks me from coming into the office if I have not eaten. Or he comes into the office and tells me I need to eat, and pushes me off my chair and into the kitchen. He is doing a great job as police to make his mama eat. And quite proud of himself I might add.

Blocking Mama from working. Must eat first.
You have food. You may pass now.

I have been enjoying early morning walks along the canal again. It is a fantastic way to start the day, although I must walk very early. I am usually out before 5:00 a.m. It is the only chance I have any day to get away from being called and needed every minute. It is my prayer and my sanity walks.

My early morning prayer walk

Yesterday my boys all went, for the very first time, to a barber shop (called studio here) for their haircuts. It was a very big thing for them. The little ones felt very grown up.

Judel’s 1st time at barber shop

I don’t think there is anything much cuter than this photo of my three youngest kids – Judel and Dieunel just out of the shower and Karena showered and dressed. I am so very thankful for all my children that God has entrusted to my care. When the new house is done, my family will grow.

Can it get any cuter than this

Thank you for all your loving support for this HATS-Haiti family. We appreciate all of you. We ask God to bless you. Remember “Orphans today, leaders tomorrow.” You are helping us make future leaders for Haiti.

With love, Karen and family