It is always fun to get off the compound even for an hour. Today is garbage day so Eugene and I loaded up the pick-up truck and headed over to the dump behind the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. I don’t believe they have a hazardous waste site by the look of the needles,  bandages and plaster casts etc. that I saw today…The whole process takes about 45 minutes but last week it took me 3 hours.

  • First the truck would not start.
  • Loose battery cable
  • Get tools to tighten nut on terminal
  • Break nut
  • Go looking for replacement – not an easy task
  • Find one that will do but a bit thin so I need a couple of washers.
  • No washers on compound
  • Find a piece of metal to fashion a couple of washers.
  • Cut metal
  • Go to drill holes and rechargeable batteries for drill are un-charged
  • Charge drill batteries
  • Make washers
  • Install nut and start truck
  • I am about to put all the bits back in my tool /nuts & bolts carrier when my anonymous little helper picks it up before the lid is on
  • We play 552 pickup of the nuts, bolts and bits
  • Finally leave for the dump and back in 45 minutes

It’s not hard finding or doing jobs on the compound.  The hard work is finding the parts to do them. Everything gets done though, eventually; it’s Haitian Time.

The long and dirty road beside the Albert Schweitzer Hospital


Some of the hospital shops


Eugene at the dump

The kids, all except Tifi, Jonathan and Sandra head off to school at 7:30. They came by on their way to say goodbye. They all look clean and keen for the day ahead.

Off to school

My tutoring program has now been expanded to an afternoon homework helper session too. (I wonder who signed me up for that?) Ti-Luc, Moise and Leica came for a 30 minute science tutorial.

Afternoon tutoring

The 3 students were well prepared for their science lesson tomorrow so we added JJ, Djemima and Dieunel and took the bikes along the canal. It was very nice and relaxing. What a great day – I got off the compound twice!

The HATS biker gang


Canal traffic


Canal laundry


Djemima is smart, athletic, charming and helpful


Checking out the crops of peas and sweet potatoes