Before continuing on from Todd and HeatherÂ’s blog regarding the adventures of Don Huxter,  Karen, The Team and the children enjoyed an evening walk by the canal to end a wonderful day. This is a treat for the children and they have so much fun walking, riding bikes, and climbing trees. We had to head back quickly as a thunder storm was approaching.  As we settled in KarenÂ’’s living room on the ever so comfortable swing with a cup of Tetley along with Carnation milk that Jenny could not be without, we listened eagerly to Don as he explained the whereabouts of the missing passport. The passport was found under Don’Â’s computer desk area, OH MY! We are just glad it was found and comique Don arrived to HATS safe and sound.

Lacee enjoying a walk with the children.”


Good ol cuppa tea”

Its quiet, its dark and we are all sleeping in the most comfortable mosquito tents exhausted from the dayÂ’s activities. Then, the loudest, most aggressive MOOOOOOOO we have ever heard came from the neighborÂ’s yard and awoke us from the deepest of sleeps, yikes!!!! We all settled back to sleep with the sound of roosters cocka-doodle-dooing in the background, but not for long. Emma decides to wake very early but hooks her toe in the zipper of her tent, not only did the tent fall to the ground but also Emma herself. She is a little bruised and sore today.

It is now morning of day 3, we start the way we do each morning by visiting the tower and watching the locals en route to find work. What is really sad is when you see the locals having to return home because they did not find work for the day to provide for their families. After delicious homemade pancakes and fruit our team along with Karen headed to the church for daily devotions with the students and the teachers. The energy witnessed from these devotions, the power of prayer and positivity is absolutely inspiring coming from such young school children so early in the morning.

Men headed home with no work”


Devotions before school”

After devotions we headed back to the compound and only to discover a visitor; not a human visitor though. It was an oversized, fury, long legged, black, scary tarantula (LaceeÂ’s worst nightmare!!!). Yes! A tarantula in a hole in the concrete wall. We tried to get it out with a stick but no luck, we did however manage to become brave enough for a picture.

Today’s visitor, definitely not human”

After this it was time to start todayÂ’s work; continue painting the church, fix T Luc’Â’s bike and fix the washing machine (Jerry Young, you were so missed today but you taught Todd well!). Lacee and Heather along with gloves, grease and tools were quick to fix Ti LucÂ’’s bike as Todd managed to fix the broken washing machine. The ladies were thrilled to have their washer back in order and gave Todd many hugs for helping.  After this we headed to the church for painting in 40 degree heat. Waaaay too hot! Shirley, while painting decided to brush up against poison ivy and break out in hives. With a dose of Benadryl and hemorrhoid cream on her back (DonÂ’t ask!) she is out for the count and hopefully will be rid of her rash.

Todd fixing the washer”


Having some fun while painting”

Jenny was the chosen one today to skip out on chores and head to St Marc with Karen and security to the grocery store and the bank. It is always a privilege to spend time with Karen and hear about her life in Haiti. We had a wonderful chat which I will always cherish. Upon arriving we went to a local grocery store, as we pulled up on a very congested street, many people surrounded our truck- I guess we stood out in the crowd? Haha. As we walked into the grocery store, a young man came running, saying “Mama Karen, Mama Karen”, she is so well known and respected everywhere she goes. We picked up the things on our list as well as some things to update KarenÂ’’s bathroom (yes, I did get to shop in Haiti!). As I walked through the aisle I stopped in my tacks as I saw my daughterÂ’s favorite laughing cow cheese. Then it was time to head to the bank, Karen and I were followed by security to get the money needed to cover May’Â’s expenses. It was much like the bank process at home and with Karen being very well known by all we had no problem getting our money. We left with two small garbage bags filled with Haitian cash, headed straight to the truck, quickly hid the money under the seat, locked the doors and rushed back to get on the road for home. It was a great experience to say the least.

Jenny found her cheese!

We then all gathered as a team to enjoy sandwiches and Haitian spaghetti made with wieners, and then the fun began. Todd, Heather, Lacee and Jenny decided to get the water balloons and water guns to have a water fight with the children because it was so so hot. Mama Karen called the children to the house as the team along with Karen headed to the very top roof to begin the fun. Not only did the children enjoy the water balloons but so did the children next door; they jumped and giggled as we tossed balloons over the fence. There was so much fun for everyone. The smiles on these childrenÂ’s faces while doing the simplest of activities in which many of our children take for granted will melt your heart every single time.

Water balloon action shot”


Feel good notes from Debbie”

As the evening settles in we plan to end with a game of hockey with the kids and hopefully read some more sweet letters from Debbie (love you mom!!). The team expects to receive more letters when we return home, Debbie!

For now we cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

~Lacee and  Jenny