The teachers and a lot of our students met at the school at 8:00 a.m.  Luckner had difficulty finding trucks to transport our students due to today being Saturday – a market day.  He eventually talked two TapTap drivers into driving the students and he filled his truck as well.  My truck was filled with teachers – elementary
and secondary.  Our school was represented beautifully by all the students and teachers in their school uniforms.  When our teachers stood in the front during the service in their school uniforms and sang it was very sad as it was obvious Daliothy should have been standing there with them.

Luckner trying to decide how to transport all the students who turned up


Putting elementary students in the TapTap that has the best protection for keeping them in


TapTap hired to transport students to the funeral


One TapTap filled, now going to fill the second one and Luckner’s pickup


Three pickup trucks filled with students heading to funeral


Heading to cemetary. Taken through truck windshield

Our school IMKH was not only well represented today for our friend, Daliothy, but it was well received and many very positive comments were overheard.  It is obvious that this mission and our school has a good reputation in the area.  Let us all give God the thanks for this.

When we left the cemetary we returned to the school where everyone received a meal and a cold drink. I dropped the teachers at the school and ran to the main compound to check on our sick kids and especially Ti Luc .  Two of the five who were still ill last night, when I wrote the blog, are doing better today.  I hope and pray that the other three will be okay by Monday to return to school.

Last night when trying to get a little badly needed sleep I felt a very hot little boy climbing in bed with me.  Yikes, during the night Ti Luc had come down with it.  He thrashed and moaned all night long, and his hot little body stuck to me.  My body, that was already in need of a fan,  found it unbearably hot – but then when a child is sick nothing is unbearable.  In the heat in Haiti one does not need to sleep with a really hot water bottle stuck to one’s body – human or otherwise.

Being Saturday there was no one working at this house this morning so I took Ti Luc down to lie down in the house mother’s room while I attended the funeral.  On the way to the cemetary I called to check on him and was told “Li cho anpil.”  (He is very hot.)  “Come home please”.  I was at the cemetary for 2-3 minutes only.  Teachers piled in the truck and we headed for HATS.  I’ve been bathing him and giving him meds all day.

Ti Luc now with a high fever

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement in comments on the blog itself and in emails.  Appreciate it very much.   Dickie asked on his comment on the blog if I had worked with Florence Nightingale.  She was someone very special who helped a lot of people.  A tremendous difference in what she did and the little I’ve been doing.  This past week, however, she came to my mind often as twice every night I left my bed and went to both children’s homes in the dark with a little flashlight and a basket of medication – different types for different children.   I needed to keep on top of things and as mentioned yesterday I cannot put distributing the  medicine in the hands of others here.  Two people who work with the children do not read.  Others, due to not having experience, tend to
think the same medicine and the same amount is just fine for all of the children no matter what the problem is.

My friend Beate asked on her email today “Karen, how do you do it?”  There is only one answer for that –  “God”.  It is not Karen.  It is Him.   He gives the strength and the ability.

These children he has placed in our hands, living with us here on site and attending our school, are very precious.  Precious in our sight as well as His.

It is and has to remain     “ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN”

God bless you all.