Well this past week has been a great one. I continue to teach gymnastics for all the kids and moms in the orphanage who want to participate. The class is an hour long every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have the chance to exercise in a fun and safe environment. We learn pike jumps, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, forward roll and backward roll, cartwheels and other fun skills. We have the chance to play with the parachute for warm up game.

Gymnastics with Mariah




Parachute warmup for gymnastics

As well I’ve been working down in Luckner’s little shop two days a week. Now I know how to make change and sell lots of things and help costumers with what ever needs to be done. I help Rose Lore with the cooking when I go there and learn how to cook great meals. Rose Lore says that Luckner does not eat a lot but if I cook for him he makes an effort to eat way more!

Mariah helping at Luckner’s business

I enjoy very much going to the radio station and seeing my friends that I have made and listening to the great gospel music and the teachings that Luckner and other people do. I was able to go to Ti Riviere with Luckner and a group through the radio station to pray with a young man who wanted to accept the Lord.

One of Mariah’s favourite places to go


Praying with a young man in Ti Riviere

Anyway having an awesome week and can’t wait for Sunday because Jessie and I will be doing a skit. Should be a blast and hopefully the kids will learn lots from it.