They did not make it today. The family and friends workteam scheduled to arrive in PAP this afternoon did not make it.   After sitting on the flight in Montreal for some time, and after contacting me in PAP to say they would be late, Air Canada decided to cancel the flight.  The flight is now scheduled to arrive in Haiti tomorrow afternoon around 1:15.

Luckner and I, along with two policemen, left for PAP this morning at 5:30.  We planned on taking care of a bunch of things before going to the airport for 2:15.    Yeah right.

We got one thing accomplished and then heard the police had gone to the hotel where Baby Doc Duvalier and his wife were staying to arrest him.  We knew there was a  possibility of trouble so we decided to not take any chances on getting caught anywhere but the airport.  We headed there immediately, arriving at 10:15 for a four hour wait for the team.  Approximately 1 1/2 hr later we received word there was a problem with the plane and they would arrive late.   Shucks.  Not the day to be late.  We wanted to get the group and get out of PAP.  Later we were contacted again with the bad news the flight was cancelled for today.  We headed home and we will head off again early tomorrow morning and see what happens then.