Our friendly neighborhood entrepreneur, the rice maker, proudly woke us all up at 4:15 a.m. as he fired up his equipment for another day’s production in the factory! Not everyone woke up then, but shortly afterwards, everyone was up for a big day of activity and work.

Breakfast included a wonderful serving of oatmeal and juices. We then had our morning Devotions with the children and staff and began our work day.

Friday morning devotions


Up and coming Pastor Jofky

The boys loaded up all the premade trusses and headed up the hill to the waiting church site. After many trips in a rented vehicle, all the product was delivered.

Load up wood to head for the church


Enroute to the church


Now unload and transport it up hill


Adonna moving wood so Karen can drive in

By the end of the day, 4 of the 7 trusses had been put in place and were standing proudly atop of the church walls. Bob and the team worked for most of the day battling not only unlevel surfaces, but 56 degree temperatures, as well (yes-that is 133 degrees Fahrenheit!!!) Plenty of water and fluids drunk throughout the day and well deserved-cold showers taken upon return. Now more than half way through the project and Karen and the team couldn’t be happier or prouder of their progress to date. All were grateful for the help of Mariah, who translated with the local men who were on hand to help.

Hard work


Moving ahead nicely


Cheering section


Time to head home to shower


The guys dirty legs – not leggings


Temperature where men were working today

Throughout the day, the girls continued to re-organize the children’s quarters and Maddy and Robyn took the opportunity to “chill” with the children and share in their day, exchanging stories and smiles. Aldonna and Carolyn went into St. Marc with Karen to do the weekly grocery shop: it is always fascinating to leave the compound and absorb the locals sights and sounds, and to hear the many, many captivating stories she has to share.

Piggyback riding at the best

Dinner served early, again a wonderful chicken dish, as all the team feeling weary and ready for an early night.

~Steve and Adonna