Well, it doesn’t take much to tempt little feet to walk through freshly poured and smoothed cement. That was at the end of another full workday. The workers created pathways throughout the compound, including some up to Kay TIM-BR MART. About 1 hour after they left: little footprints. Footprints that you could tell were followed by the thought “Uh oh, this feels good, but I’m in trouble…”

Work continues
Construction of walkways

That was nearly at the end of the day. PLENTY happened after we began at 7:30am:

So much painting has been done! We’re about 1/2 way done and does it look wonderful! It’s starting to take shape and our goal is to have it all done by the time we leave. And we’re painting it soft blue, white and pink–‘softer’ TIM-BR MART colours. Karen, Cherie and I drove into a town called St. Marc to purchase supplies and make an interesting trip to the bank. Never again will I kvetch about line-ups at banks back home. We don’t KNOW long lines! Yet everyone waits patiently. That’s just the way things are.

Timbrmart House is looking good

A big, heavy fridge was delivered today. Not that that’s exciting, but lifting it up a tight curved staircase into the Missionary house certainly was, thanks to Brian, Corey, Security Guard and one of the house mothers (tiny but muscle-y!). It’s called the Missionary House because come March 3rd, there’s a couple coming from Texas who’ve agreed to stay for a year to give Karen Huxter (the founder of HATS) some much, much, much needed help.

Arrival of supplies for missionary house


Now to get it upstairs

Corey had the experience of spending some quality time with JJ (‘jee-jee’), Moise and Mirlande making a small side table with them. He was amazed with how much they wanted to learn, how quickly they took to using the hand tools and found that language wasn’t much of a barrier at all.

JJ worked hard. Now he has a cardboard house to relax in

Tonight’s supper: goat. Yep. We all tucked into a plate of goat stew over rice with bean sauce.

And our day was capped off with assembling furniture, not football.
That fresh cement will take soccer balls as nicely as it does little feet.

Assembling furniture

Thanks for following our journey.