For those of you who are relatively new to the HATS HAITI blog here’s some information for you.

Wall outside the main compound. Presently changes are being made to this


Road, canal (with corner of school yard) outside mission


Main road with bridge taken from our security tower

HATS is located in Deschappelles which is almost in the geographical center of Haiti. It is 130 Kms. from the capital and main airport in Port au Prince. It is between St. Marc on the gulf of Gonâve and approximately 100 Kms from the border with the Dominican Republic. The compound is surrounded by rolling hills, rice fields and faces the canal from the hydro dam.

Main compound on left, trees in school compound on right

The 2 story violet (Haitian color is Dignity) building is the boy’s dorm. The second floor is a missionary apartment. The next violet building is the girls’ dorm.

The big green (Tempting Teal) and white building is mission control. The downstairs has 2 offices and kitchen and the living quarters for Karen and Ti Luc.
The second floor is the HATS HILTON and the third floor is an observation deck.

Looking into HATS Hilton from the water tower

The HATS Hilton offers 3 types of accommodation: The first 2 are outside where it is cooler.

The North American Single:

North American single

The Haitian single:

Haitian Single

Or the honeymoon suite:

Honeymoon suite

Beware the honeymoon suite because with no bug nets these critters could come to visit your bed!

Karen likes this critter


This critter – not so much

Monday here at HATS all the weekly routines started for another week.

The school kids went to school.

Karen worked in her office.

And little Jonathan and I just hung out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precious Jonathan