Day three started with an early morning walk along the canal with some on bikes, some on foot, and some cold!  You know the three that weren’t.

Early morning walk with some of the children


A short detour


Dickie wrote bike for awhile this morning too


Magdala hitching a ride with Ti Luc

I had an interesting night last night.  I went to bed around 8:00pm and kicked off my flip flops and was soon asleep, waking up at 12:30 to needing a sheet and to go to the bathroom downstairs.  I unzipped my tent and stepped out to put my flip flops on but could only find one.  The moon was so bright I didn’t take my flashlight but had to unzip my tent again and get it out to look for my flip flop….couldn’t find it so thought Dickie and Jim were up to no good so went down stairs with one on and came back up and took another look around for it and didn’t find it so climbed back in my tent and to sleep again.  The next time I was awake it was because the moon had passed over the roof and was shining right in my eyes, I had to turn over to get back to sleep.  I lay there thanking God for his wonderful creation as I watched the stars and planes and brilliant moon.  Back to my story, I was the last one up this morning and so went looking for my flip flop and saw it over behind a pillar and thought they did hide it BUT when I got over there I saw that it had been chewed and gnawed on.  Mike Smith, how did you know that the rat would come to me?  Blair and Caleb, I am not going looking for them but seems that I don’t need to, they come to me.  Dickie says he is going to set a trap under my bed tonight.  He hasn’t caught one in the depot yet.

Jim and Dickie fixed a door and Vladimy, JJ and Moise painted it and then they put it back on.  Dickie built drums and Jim taped them and JJ and Vladimy decorated them.  J & D worked on a water leak at the school kitchen, and many other small outside jobs and played with the children.  The children are still a little shy of Jim and Dickie….Ti Sandra changed her name before we came to Ti Dickie and is now shy of him, she spends time with him but it is not the free loving side we saw before, she looks away and sidles up to him but runs freely to Jim.  Anne is sometimes shy with Jim and at others loves him quite openly and gets jealous of anyone else with him. Magdala was shy with all of us when we first arrived but is coming around now with both of them and goes to both BUT when she sees her big brother JJ she leaves us all.

The three yahoos painting the door


Reinstalling the repaired and painted door


Repair drums and making drums


Little Dickie with Big Dickie


Anne with her godfather Jim

Karen and I were in the office most of the day.  I did payroll books, payrolls, calendars, schedules for house mommies and playing with the children. Karen and I and all the children went to the school and church to get the church cleaned for tomorrow and pick up garbage at the school.  The kids did a great job!

Ti Luc took his mama’s place in the hair dressing chair

I think tomorrow is someone else’s turn to write.