The day started early, as does every day here!  After a delicious breakfast we all got ready for church and waited for those beautiful children to come up for us.  How beautiful they all are (whether dressed or naked) and yesterday they had on their Sunday best!  They are all eager to go to church and they all sing together every Sunday.  We had almost 200 people in those rooms and it was hot in there. Dave Buckle brought us the message with Karen translating, the staff here at HATS sang 2 beautiful songs, the children sang 2, the visitors with the help of the children at HATS did one song (if we didn’t have the children’s help it would have been a solo for Dave), a man sang 2 songs, a lady sang one and a childrens’ group led by one of the house mommies sang 2 songs.  This was all in addition to prayers, Bible readings and many rousing songs by the congregation!  It was an awesome 2 1/2 hour service.  After the service en ded we served everyone a pop, cookies and cheesies!  Everyone went home happy!

Hauling supplies over to church for fete


Full House


Karen mirrors Davids Preaching


Angelic voices praising God


Party time


Help putting benches away after church

We had another soccer game on the school field with some HATS kids and others, had to return the many benches we had to take from here for the service and gave out another few gifts, sorted some of the many things we brought down to bless the Haitian people.  We all donned our beautiful t shirts Jim gave us all with a picture of Karen and all the children and went outside the gate to have a photo shoot along the wall.  The wall is getting a new facelift and is being beautifully painted by a very talented Haitian.  After supper we went down to Radio Creole to spend an hour on the radio with Luckner.  While there Luckner played a song that Jess (David’s daughter) sang when here in January!  Dave sang a solo so now Luckner will have 2 Buckle solos in his repetorie!

A visit to papa Luckner


The five Huxter children


The team on Radio Creole

We had a quiet time after we returned home to sit and talk with each other about our week.  Five team members (Don, Ken, Bob, Lisa Edison and David Buckle) left this morning at 7:00 AM….I wanted to go with them to PAP just because they would be in an air conditioned bus for 3-4 hours!  It is very quiet here this morning…does this mean all the noisy ones have gone?????  Just sayin’

Ti Luc tries to sneak home with Lisa

Saturday evening we had planned to go to radio Creole with some delicious snacks BUT that was not to be as Luckner had generator problems and men there trying to fix it.  So we stayed home BUT we ate the snacks ourselves!  We had smoked salmon from Springdale Newfoundland ( it doesn’t come any better), aged cheddar, blue cheese and black pepper  sausage.  It was a feast!

Our snacks