After much planning and travel, Mike and I arrived in Haiti yesterday. All of our luggage even arrived with us too! We couldn’t have been happier to see Karen greeting us at the airport! This is our first trip to HATS and we plan to stay for 3 months. The travel was excellent. All 3 flights were early! The drive from Port au Prince to HATS was eye opening to say the least! So many people and crazy traffic. Our driver may have broken the speed limit, squeezed through traffic on the wrong side of the road, and used the horn quite a few times, but he got us here safely.

Shortly after arrival


Just arrived and needs to help fix plumbing

The children as well as Keith and Joan greeted us with hugs and laughter. We are trying to learn their names, but a few are mischievous and tried to mix us up! Last evening we were given an orientation and tour by Karen, Keith and Joan. Then we had time to play with the children and get to know them. They rode bikes and we played some Frisbee. I need to work on my Frisbee skills as Mike claims I’m going to hurt someone if I don’t improve. I then switched to playing soccer and seem to have a little more skill with that sport.

Run Markenson Run. Get the frisbee


Sonson enjoying the attention of Nicki


Nicki with a gorgeous armful

The accommodations are wonderful. We have a room with a view and a comfortable breeze. Oh, sleep was very welcome last night after all the travel and a 40 degree + (Celsius) temperature difference.

Today brought more sunshine and warm temperatures, more smiles from precious children, morning devotions with the children and staff, some bikes to repair for Keith and Mike, some schooling to do for Joan and Nicki, more learning the ropes around here, a tour of the school compound and then a refreshing walk along the canal with the children. The children chatted to us in Creole while we picked out a few familiar words and smiled a lot. I am certain that we will sleep well again tonight!

Late afternoon playtime


Walking the canal and then racing the path through the gardens


Nicki can’t see me


Me too Mike please. And me. Me too


Our Karena

~Mike & Nicki