I think today may have been our busiest Saturday ever in Haiti. We promised Karen we would have her bedroom and bathroom painted by Saturday. And that it would be put back together, cleaned and pictures re-hung and she could be moved back in today. Pressure!! I thought in retirement I was long past deadlines!!
AND nobody told me I had a trip to the dentist in the afternoon!! But we did it. Good work Joan.

The Texas Team did a tremendous job rebuilding the tub structure and the storage cupboard. All I had to do was caulk and paint. The termites have been terminated and it looks clean and fresh.

Finished Bathroom

The Jaunty Joan color turned out very well. Joan mixed the color from various paints on hand. Karen is very pleased and delighted with how the room looks. AND with being moved back in before dark. If her bedroom only gets painted every 11 years I could supervise my 2 and 4 year old grandsons next time during their spring break!

Joan putting the room back together


Enjoying the new paint

Yup. We took 9 kids to the dentist in Borel this afternoon.  Do these look like children on the way to the dentist?

Ti-Luc, Karena, Josie, Joan and Judel

There is a visiting missionary dentist team from Missouri at another mission in nearby Borel. The children were very excited to go and actually did very well. Josie had to have 2 teeth extracted but was a real trooper. The clinic was set up in the church and there was a steady steam of patients. Free service for children and a very minimal charge for adults. The dentists’ chairs were plastic patio chairs on cement lock. Instead of overhead lights the dentist and hygienists were wearing headlamps. However, the service and dentistry was first class.

Ti-Luc getting some encouragement from Mama


The dentist clinic



What’s the best way to reward to kids for a good dentist visit? Yup, a little road trip in the back of the truck for ice cream. Life is good.

Ice Cream shop

Then back to the compound to get Karen’s room finished, a late night walk, some star gazing, finish the blog but no hockey.

Good night.