After spending an extra day in Montreal due to mechanical difficulties, Air Canada blessed our entire crew of ten with first class accommodations and service.

First class treatment

The whole day ran much smoother and we arrived to an enthusiastic welcome from the children and staff of the orphanage. Most of the crew were still pretty stressed and exhausted from the extended trip and some our ears were still ringing from Lisa trying to direct Haitian traffic in full voice. After a delicious supper prepared by Martha, a HATS treasure, we enjoyed what was left of the evening being told just what was expected of us by the little red headed general and setting up our tents. We enjoyed the night being serenaded by dogs, roosters and voodoo drums. There were also some local wood cutters at work in the tents around me.

An early start to the day getting our own breakfast and joining the staff for devotions then got right right to work to try and make up for lost time. Dave and Ken started on cabinets, Bob cleaned the battery terminals, quite a shock, then helped Dave and Ken. Dickie was his usual whirlwind and Sandra spent her day running around asking “Anyone seen Dickie.”

Dr Bob Cleans batteries

Cheryl, Cathy and Lisa started painting the mission house starting with the ceiling. Cheryl tried a little self improvement and provided the local construction with some entertainment which seemed to cause them quite a start.

Painter at work


All that modesty will allow

A number of children were presented with gifts from their sponsors. Bob presented to three kids, his own and two of his friends back in Corner Brook. The first young lady sponsored by Bob and Elaine was Doutchina Gerard. She was wearing black rather than her school uniform because her grandmother died recently. She is in grade 1.

The second presentation was to Sylvio Chelon who was in grade 7. He is sponsored by Holly and Patrick of Corner Brook.

The third presentation was to Socliffnia Julien who is in preschool 1. She is sponsored by Kelly Ann and Jamie Pelly of Humber Village.

Now since our tour bus is showing up at 3:30 AM we are going to call it a night. Someone else can fill in the holes tomorrow. Tim if you would post this to the web site I would appreciate it.

Goodnight All.