I do not like writing about the financial end of things for the mission.  I, however, feel I must let friends of HATS-Haiti know the situation we are in.

Our donations are down quite a bit compared to the past three years and we are quickly running out of funds to keep the mission running as is.  Financial help is needed.   Some ‘Friends of HATS’ have told me that if we find ourselves in this situation to let them know.  I am doing just that today, but feel the need to go
public and let all who follow HATS-Haiti, in Canada and in the US, know we are in need of financial help.  We need general funds so we can continue to care for the needs of the children, which includes paying salaries.

I knew a lot of years ago I was to go to the mission field to help children. I felt I would do this with my life, when my girls were grown and married, as long as I did not have to ask anyone for financial help – ever.  I have always found it easy to support other missionaries and give help where needed but have always found it extremely difficult to be the one looking for help. If we are honest I think we would all agree it is much nicer and easier to give than to receive if we had to ask for help.  I am still like that and I know it is my pride that gets in the way.

Today I am looking for help.  Not for myself but for the needs of the children and for our mercy ministry in the community, which includes seniors who have no family.

If you can help in any way please do so.  All donations, whether one time or monthly help,  should go to:  Hands Across The Sea,  PO Box 101,  Yarmouth, NS  B5A 4B1.   100% of anything you donate will come down to HATS for the running of the mission.


If you would like to donate, you can use the following credit cards through PayPal to do so online.

In the past I have mentioned specific projects that needed to be done.  I will still do that.  Some people prefer to help with a specific project.  Our church project is still underway and in need of funds to finish it.

After our Easter Sunday Service yesterday some people asked if we could go look at our church that is under construction.  They are all anxious to be able to worship in it.  I took a photo and am including it even though it is not a good one.  I asked everybody to stand down on the ground for the photo so nobody would be in the shadows. They wanted to stand in the church entrance instead and some even stood inside the church and could not be seen at all.  They said it made them feel more like they were ‘in our church’.  We actually had 109 people in church yesterday.

Church congregation today standing in front of unfinished church construction

We will soon be putting windows and doors in the church.  When that is done we can use it without it being finished.  We do, however, need something to sit on and are considering using cement blocks with planks on top for now.  Is there anyone who would like to come down and make benches for our church?  If so, please let us know.

Again I say a huge thank you for every dollar that has come to this mission over the years.  Your funds have seen children fed, educated, given homes, and hospital bills paid, and more.  THANK  YOU.

Thank you, too, for all the prayer suport and the encouragement during the past 19 years that HATS-Haiti has been in this area of the Artibonite Valley.  Your support has been a tremendous help in the lives of the children.


God bless you all.