The work on our school is actually progressing now, after a frustrating holdup due to lack of cement in the country. We were eventually able to purchase some in small amounts at a very high price so we could at least get something done.

Work progressing on elem section of our school

(I must start by saying please ignore any dates you see stamped on these blog photos. My camera started dating photos, and with the month of March 2011 no less. I don’t know how it got turned on and have not had time to figure out how to turn it off. These photos were all taken quite recently.)

Finally cement, that Luckner had ordered a long time earlier, was delivered. Price did not really drop but it is again available.

Cement arrived finally.  No one happier than Luckner

Work has been happening on this compound as well – by the children. They have been removing a lot of the rocks we had placed around the compound to prevent mud. Grass, which is what we wanted, is actually growing up through the rocks. Thus we decided to remove the rocks and keep them for construction. We are looking for decent earth and grass seed instead.

Four hard working kids – JJ, Moise, Djemima, Leica
Yard work by children.  Ti Luc supervising

Our birthday party this month was for Vladimy and Judel. Vladimy turned 17 and Judel 5. Next month Jonathan will turn one so we will have a party for him and Ismyis who will be six.

August birthday boys – Vladimy 17 & Judel 5

Speaking of Jonathan he continues to like bike riding just as the others do. He still loves to sit in the basket on Ti Luc’s bike. Each afternoon when the bikes come out Jonathan excitedly crawls across the compound and sits by Ti Luc so he does not get left behind.

Ti Luc and Jonathan enjoying riding together

The bikes that have been donated for the children continue to be a real blessing to them. Funds for an additional bike, which will help tremendously, has just been donated. Thank you very much. I will make the purchase as soon as I get to St. Marc again.

Our little Sandra has decided she is too big for riding in the basket anymore and so she fights with Anne and Jofky over the little bike to ride by herself. She is very cute. Yesterday when we were all sitting in morning devotions I said “who would like to lead us this morning?” Immediately Sandra started singing ” Pa’m pa’m pa’m mwen konnen Kris se pa’m” and clapping her little hands with the perfect beat. Everybody cheered her on and she continued singing.

Sandra riding bike too

I made a return visit to Magalie and family so the little ones could see Magalie too, and realize there is a real baby there. I took Karena, Jofky, Anne, Sandra, and Jonathan, along with Vladimy so he could give me needed assistance. The little kids were thrilled to see Magalie again. They were fascinated with her baby girl. They even got to hold the baby.
(Still no news to report on Antoinette. Her baby is still in the womb.)

Magalie with Jonathan, Sandra & Karena


Karena holding Magalie’s baby.  Jofky hiding but has his hand on the baby.

As I am typing this an email arrived from the Canadian Embassy In PAP telling us to prepare for the possibility of being hit by Isaac (at this time a tropical storm – could change to hurricane). What the email basically said put in good Newfie language was – “take time to batten down the hatches in preparation”.

Thank you one and all. Thank you for all the love, encouragement, and support of prayer and finances that makes it possible for us to continue to help the children of the Artibonite Valley. May God bless you all.