Falling stars, fireflies, toads and bats were what I got to think about as I went to bed last night. I didn’t realize that when you take one picture of a tree frog, you’re ok but when you take two, the frog leaps off the wall and pees all over you…interesting….. Today I found out that the HATS kids don’t like frogs because they pee in your eye and make you blind…


A long beautiful walk along the canal to start and end the day – what could be better. Haiti is such a beautiful country and the walks along the canal can re-energize you to face the challenges that lie ahead. The kids love the canal walks and everyone had a wonderful time, besides Jofky, who was not happy at being forced to walk for a few minutes.




The day began with awesome singing in the school before classes began. Yvette, Jessie and I had a chance to get several classes of student photos and letters completed today. The majority of the letters are already translated so now we’re scanning and prepping them to send out to the sponsors. Your letters/photos will soon be in your inbox!


I got to see Mariah teaching in action. Wow, with a class of 15 excited little people and very few supplies, she is doing a fantastic job. So proud of her 🙂

There was a rousing game of football late this afternoon with Yvette and Vladimy taking on Seth and Liette. Vladimy and Yvette won by one point, but Moise seemed like a biased referee if you ask me. That was followed by Yvette getting a new hairdo by three talented and determined young ladies. Not sure if the twisted dreads will every come out, but she sure looks cute!


Tomorrow is our hike up the mountain. The kids who are old enough to do the hike are beside themselves with excitement and I’m sure there will be lots of stories about how HIGH the mountain is and how they were unable to do anything but run full speed down the mountain because it’s SO steep. We’re heading out at 6am to beat the heat, so we’ll be heading to bed soon.

Hugs to everyone back home!

~Liette (and the HATS gang)