Have you ever fallen asleep under the stars with the moon is your light. That was my experience last night. I felt an awesome overwhelming joy as a lay down  to sleep; the voices of  people singing,  animals and music were all my entertainment. As I went to bed, I was so thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be here and experience his splendor.  As the morning approached my group and I got up had breakfast and prepared for Sunday morning service. Breakfast was fantastic! I enjoyed the best tasting oak cake I have had in forever, it was to die for. After breakfast we prayed and gave thanks, many of the kids came over to say good morning. The kids are just a blessing to be around, they are so lovable. Many of them gave us big hugs, smiles and ‘hi fives’. What a blessing! God’s love being expressed through interacting with a child, it is a humbling experience. The children embraced us as if we were family they haven’t seen in a while…wow, I feel right at home.

Crystal with Judel, Jofky & Jonathan


Patricia, Sandra, Anne, Leica, Karena & Djemima


Silly Goose Ti Luc with Silly Goose Kathleen


Before church photo

In a crowded church I heard the voices of angels, their melodies were so harmonious, the room felt as though it was immerse with the power of God. Glorious, magnificent, wonderful are the words that only begin to describe the praise and worship this morning. As for me, I felt right at home, dancing, singing and of course beating the tambourine! The children and locals that attend the church performed a few  special selections that they have been practicing…they were perfect…no music, just the voices of angels….I can listen to them all day.

Church service


Team singing in church


Students group – Voice of the angels

After the service we spent some time with the attendees, we gave out treats to the kids, they loved it!.

After church


Refreshment time

During a short rain time this afternoon Jess was dancing on the top of Karen’s place with the children standing on their gallery dancing with her.

Jess dancing in the rain. My kids dancing with her but on their gallery

After lunch we had an opportunity to watch the kids from the school practice for the Haitian Flag Day, with only one practice with Mariah they were technically ready for the show…so talented! I can definitely learn a thing or two from these kids. In the cool of the day we took an opportunity to organize our donations. My heart was heavy as we did this, I thought about all the things we throw away, all the clothes, shoes and everyday items we disregard without thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves. Our teams donated a variety of items, clothes, shoes, medical supplies, toys, and things you would never think to donate ‘maple syrup’.

Donated medical supplies that will be going to a clinic and hospital


Some of the donated toys

This day will forever be in my heart and mind. The scripture that resonates with me today is “‘…. whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matt 25:40.  I am so happy I decided to come to HATS, this experience will stay with me for my life time.

~Crystal Young