I am writing to share some exciting new website updates. Let me know what you think!

USD Donations now Available!

We have now updated our PayPal and Cheque donation sections to include options for USD donations. Check out the Donation Options and Sponsorship Options pages.

Improved Page Design with Tabs

Using the “tabs” design feature I was able to simplify several of our pages and create tabs of our related information. Check out our About Us page as an example.


Improved Page Design with Columns

Using column groupings and cool icons, our pages have been modified to help you quickly find the information you are looking for. Check out the Our People or Volunteer Opportunities pages as examples.

Improved Menu

With the other designs changes mentioned, our menu has been reduced to the “must have” items only. This will greatly improve the navigation on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.


Please check out the site changes and let me know what you think. If you come across anything that doesn’t look right, or seems broken, please let me know.