It’s been a long day in Haiti and still not over yet.  It wasn’t just long, but very good with all we had to do.   I don’t think we sat down for more than a minute each time. Grade nine and ten sponsor photos and letters were done today so it went much faster because they can write themselves.  There is an interesting custom in Haiti where people do not smile in photos.  When they made their serious faces, I told them people would think we are holding them captive. I would make them laugh and they would have the most beautiful smiles but as soon as I took the picture it was back to straight face.

Heather taking photos of high school students

Yesterday started with devotions at the school.  Later in the day I gave the kids another art lesson and we drew a fish and person.  It was lots of fun. Djemima, one of the girls, taught me how to draw a mermaid.

Cute preschoolers in devotions

Yesterday was super exciting for the kids as we brought out the slip and slide which the kids had never seen before.  They thought it was awesome and oh, was that fun to watch. Even little 2-year old Magdala who can’t walk yet wanted to join the fun.  She has so many brothers and sisters, she is not afraid of anything including water sprayed in the face and being dragged down the track. The kids were very happy to slip and slide again today.

Magdala sliding


Sandra sliding


Waiting in line for their first turn on the slip and slide

The boys here all love Ninja turtles and they had heard one of their phrases and thought it was “Show me your beef”.  The turtles actually say, “Show me your teeth!”  When we went for a walk on the canal this afternoon and saw a baby cow they said to the cow, “Show me your beef!” which actually worked out well in this situation.

Ti Fi, Heather & Jonathan enjoying the beautiful Haitian sky at the end of the day.

Tonight I got to help Ti Luc with his bath and he just played and played did not want to get out.  He said he could play all night because he was not going to school tomorrow.  When I asked him what he thought mom would say , he said, “Don’t tell mom. Don’t tell mom.”

It is still very hot here with no fans or air-conditioning but I thinks it’s okay as I’ve got to save up this heat and get ready for my return to Canadian snow.

Hi everyone, just a quick note from Liette.  The internet here is giving us all major headaches, so if you haven’t heard from Karen, that is why.  Her computer is unable to connect at all so she’s been trying to spend a few minutes online each day on my laptop.  The good news is that a new internet company came by today and strung wire all over the place.  They said the internet should be good to go in 3 days.  I have no idea what the 3 days is needed for but hey, this is Haiti!

Team installing new internet wiring