The children are all well for which we thank God. It is not often that all are well – no colds, no fevers. I, Karen, am thoroughly enjoying this healthy period.

Since the last blog we took Lucie to the airport in Port au Prince and saw her off. The day before leaving for home Lucie and Mariah worked very hard in the children’s home. See for yourselves.

Mariah hard at work in Kid’s Home


Lucie hard at work too.

While here Lucie had a chance to experience seeing a child dedicated to the Lord (baptem). It was a little boy, Ronel, who lives next door to Luckner. Rose-Lore was the godmother and our own Vladimy was godfather.

Lucie experienced a baptism ‘dedication’ of a little boy.


Dedication of Ronel.  Vladimy as godfather and Rose-Lore as godmother.

When we arrived at the airport Mariah and I took our passports and I talked our way into the airport to be sure we saw Lucie checked in and through Immigration and security before leaving her. The airport area, since the earthquake, is very small and very hectic and neither Mariah or I would let her try to handle it by herself. (Airport repairs has been underway for a few months now.) We left the mission very early morning and enroute the girls took advantage of some extra shut eye.

Early morning ride to airport to see Lucie off

Ti Luc had to go with us that day as one of the government departments that deal with adoptions wanted to see him. Too, I needed to sign some forms about the adoption at a different branch of the government. We had to drive a fair distance from one office to another. Fun and games. We now have a different person handling the adoption process and once again I have some hope. I won’t be able to take a short break this fall with Ti Luc but hopefully by November or December I will have a passport and visa for him. A long hot day to Port au Prince – 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m is not an easy event with Ti Luc. On the way back he snuggled up to his Mariah and did what the girls did on the drive in.

After a long hot day in PAP a young man needs his rest

Speaking of Ti Luc – yesterday morning for church he wanted to wear new pants Papa Luckner had made for him. He was quite proud of how he looked in them and asked me to take a photo so people in Canada who love him could see how good he looked. Too funny! He knows there are a lot of people who have come here who continually ask about him and send him love.

Ti Luc modeling new pants Papa Luckner had made for him

Our kids are loving the bike riding. Jonathan still loves to sit in the basket of Ti Luc’s bike. One day, however, he cried to go on the little trike with Sandra. Neither Sandra or Jonathan are capable of riding it but seeing them both trying to do so made a lovely photo.

Sandra and Jonathan – both too little to ride the bike but determined they are.

Sandra also loves to be a little helper for the house mothers in the kitchen. Whatever they do she tries to do also. Wonder how long that will last.

Sandra helping Roselene clean corrnmeal for breakfast

I want to share something very sad that has happened in this area and got a lot worse this morning. Recently a 14 year-old girl, who had just passed the governmental exams and was about to start Grade 7 died. She had a fever for a day. The next day she went to hospital dispensary and was sent home with meds to reduce the fever. Her mother wanted her seen by a doctor but it did not happen. That night she got worse and they went to the hospital itself where she died early in the morning. She had not been ill at all until the fever hit. This family lives in the same yard as one of our house mothers, Yolene.

This morning the funeral was to be held. The casket was at the church and the girls mother, naturally very distraught, was there with it. People were arriving for the service. The mother left the church, jumped on a moto taxi outside and left the area before she could be stopped. The moto driver did not know who she was. She had him drive very fast to a place past Verrettes. Then she wanted to go into the mountains. He sensed a problem and refused to go further. She left running/walking way from him.

Luckner, at Radio Creole, has been getting the message out to the community to organize groups to search for her, to pray, and is keeping us up-to-date. Her husband and other child are frantic. They have had a double whammy today. Please pray for the lady to be found unharmed and pray for the remaining family members. Thank you.

Thank you for the ongoing prayer and other support you provide for this mission and the work we do in the community. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

God bless you all.