Almost one week in Haiti and I am still pinching myself that I am really here. Fifteen years ago when I first arrived in Haiti to meet my granddaughter Mariah, Haiti and its people took hold of my heart and have never let go. It is wonderful at last to see and experience HATS first hand see the work that HATS and Karen are doing. For those of you who worry about Karen I had a successful Sunday after Church. I ”ordered” her to bed to rest and she actually listened. My threat to sit on her may have helped since I am no lightweight. I will continue this effort until I leave.

Driving through the Artibonite valley again was an answer to prayer as were views of the rice fields, the animals along the way and the beautiful blue sky.

Rice Field close to HATS Compound


Baby Cow on canal close to HATS

Each evening so far has brought thunder and lightening storms. and on two occasions pounding rain. Meeting all the children and if course Ti Luc is a highlight. I have toured the compound and the school and watched the teachers help some students with remediation including Mariah teaching. TI Luc forms letters with his toes. He does a great job. This is in preparation for the start of the new school year. By far the most exciting experience has been my visit to the new radio station in the area RADIO CREOLE FM 104.7. This is is a Christian station and I am most impressed with it. Please pray for it’s success and share some financial support for electricity, equipment, and for whatever is needed. It has already made a big impact on this community.

Karen’s kids with new clothes brought down by Mariah & Liz


Ti Luc writing with his toes


Luckner on radio with God’s word


Radio Creole FM