Well hello everyone, it is Rich here. Today was a fantastic day. We woke up to the sound of sweet music and the birds singing. Well, not exactly. It was more like 500 roosters having a competition of who could yell the loudest at each other.  The only consolation is that we all had over 10 hours of sleep because we are were all in bed at 8:30 p.m exhausted from the day before.


After a great breakfast, we had an amazing time at devotions with all the kids and staff. It was amazing to see our team singing and enjoying themselves and I even think Al started to break into some sort of southern gospel dance.

Well, back to work and Tony, Rich, Isaiah, JJ and Moise worked on benches, Al & Paul continued working on their screen project. Actually we’re still not sure what they are working on but they promise it is going to be amazing. Tania and Cams are continuing to paint the girls kitchen although they needed my services to help them cut in. Not actually, I think they just required my height. Joan and Keith are amazing and are continuing to help out everywhere. Thanks to them for adding so much value to HATS.



The best part of the day was when the boys asked us to join them after work for an epic Soccer game. It was the blancs, that is Creole for whites and some of the kids from HATS against the neighborhood kids. The pitch we played on was amazing! Filled with rocks and I mean a tonne of rocks and stones and the boys from the neighborhood actually played in bare feet. Unbelievable! The crossbars were made of bamboo and concrete walls which we could play the ball off. We unfortunately lost in an epic battle 6-5 in Haitian overtime which I think means when they are up, we stop. I really think we would have fun if we would have had more Haitians on our team. Those kids were amazing. I am going to try and smuggle one home and put him on our local rep team. Please pray for us because they’ve asked for a blanc vs. Haitian game after church on Sunday. We are in serious trouble.



Paul & Kevin topped off the day with a thrilling ride to Luckners which I am sure they will chat about tomorrow.  Good night from this wonderful place called HATS!