This blog is mostly photos of the children which is as it should be as what HATS is doing here is all about the children.

Our HATS children are enjoying time out of school.  So is Mama Karen – very much.  All of them are glad to have the break even though three of them, Leica, Josie and Judel, have to go for three hours three mornings a week so they will be better prepared to enter their next class in September.

The older ones help with chores in the mornings before they are free to play.  They play together well and also support each other very well.  They are all beautifully bound together as a family, which is a tremendous blessing.

Moise is a good big brother


oldest and youngest boys – Vladimy and Jonathan

The computer club continues to run in the afternoons while the younger ones enjoy time out of the hot sun by watching a video.

Computer Club


Ti Luc and sister Karena

All the children and I walk together and play outside the compound at least once a day.  The kids love to walk, run and climb when we are outside.  Our only stroller is no longer functional so little Magdala is walking too.





Oh look Mama has chocolate


Rest time on our walk


Racing is fun


Run Magdela run

Usually on our walks Ti Luc stands on the road with me and watches the children have lots of fun running across unplanted fields.  Yesterday he decided he was going to join them.  He went down the slight incline by himself without falling and also back up without help.  We all cheered him on and he was quite pleased.

I can do this without falling. Yes I can

The children love playing with the building blocks that Joan and Keith brought down.  This week they decided to make a castle outside this admin building.  Such fun and it provides fun play time daily.  I am going to ask them to take it apart soon and build a school.

Starting to build


Finished castle

Luckner and I are trying to figure out how and when we can give them – what they call  their summer holiday – a day at a beach resort.  When is actually the biggest question left right now as thanks to Beate we have US dollars towards just that.

We are all still missing Keith and Joan and Beate a great deal.  The children talk about them and ask about them often.  Mama Karen misses their fantastic help, sense of humour, adult conversation, and fun times.  Oh well, a trip to the wonderful island of  Newfoundland is coming soon and fall won’t be that far behind that which means Keith and Joan will be returning.

Blessings to all of you as you enjoy your summer times with family whether the weather is warm or cold, rainy or dry.  Enjoy each other and tell those that are special to you how much you love them.  Those are words that every person should hear daily.

Thank you to all of you for your love and support of all of us here at the mission.

Love to you all,
~Karen and gang