I realize there has been a delay between blogs again, and I am late again.  Sorry.  Things, however, are looking up for blogs from HATS.  Why?

On Tuesday Luckner and I, and our trusty security, Daniel, will be heading to Port au Prince to pick up some important people.  While they are here they will be doing the blogging.  I figured perhaps, however, I had best find a little time to let you know we are all still doing okay.

With school closed for the Christmas and Independence Day break I was able to accomplish many things that needed catching up on. More importantly, however, I enjoyed some precious and valuable time with my kids.  Good for the children and good for their mama.

School reopened last Monday morning, Jan 7th and school closed last Monday morning January 7th.   We had very few students turn up. Parents are unwilling to send their children to school before January 12th has passed – the anniversary of the horrific, devastating, and still very painful, earthquake in Haiti.  Other schools did not even attempt to open, but we had hoped enough students would attend for our school to operate.  It did not happen.  On Monday, 14th our school will be in operation again.

The earthquake happened three years ago.  A lot of improvements and good changes have happened since then, but there is still a lot to be done. The devastation and the massive lost of lives can never be forgotten.

January 2010 – Port au Prince


PAP after earthquake

Anne has been asking to ‘sleep with Mama’ for some time.  She runs to me, hugs me, and says “Maman, mwen se petit ou” – Mama I am your child.  Then says I want to sleep with you.  Last night I had Anne and her bosom buddy Karena sleep at my house.  It started with the girls on the living  room floor with their mama.  Mama Karen, however, decided her bed would be better for her back.  By 2:00 a.m. I had Karena, Anne, and Ti Luc in bed with me.  By 3:00 a.m. my bed had Karena, Anne and Ti Luc and mama was back on the floor.  Too funny.

sleepover with Mama started here with JJ reading story


By 2 am sleepover was here. 3 am Mama was on the floor

Our kids were all sick with bad colds for awhile late December and this month.  I know the Haitians have some great natural remedies and I asked Germaine and Roselene what they could do for Ti Luc. They gave him a treatment, which I am not sure Ti Luc enjoyed, but he and I both liked the results.  He came through that nasty cold far quicker than any other time.

Germaine & Roselene giving Ti Luc a treatment for a bad cold


Ti Luc not sure about that treatment

The kids love to have Papa Luckner on the compound and he always makes time for them.  They need that male presence in their lives. They area anxiously awaiting Dickie and Jim’s return and to meet Pastor Dave.  Now they are saying “and soon after that the new family will arrive and we will have Brad here all the time”.   Be prepared guys.  They are waiting for you.

Karena and Anne – sisters and bosum buddies


Papa helping kids to not be afraid of frogs


Ti Luc playing with papa


Morning snack time


Jonathan sharing his snack with Papa

My last blog talked about the fine young man, David, who had died in an accident and his brother, Josue, who was in hospital near us. The funeral for David was held on Tuesday of this week.  It was the best organized and well run funeral I have attended since I have been here.  David at age 26 had been loved and respected by many people.  He was seen as ‘an up and coming young man who would go far in helping his people’.   We will grieve his loss for a long time.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for David’s brother, Josue, age 20, – the only survivor of that accident.  Josue was released from hospital last week.  His cousin took him to stay at his house in Deschapelles.   I had visited him at the hospital four times – three of which he did not recognize me, but on the fourth he said “Hello Mama I am so glad you came to see me.  Please come see me again.”   At that time he had no memory of the accident.   Today I visited Josue again. When I arrived I was warned that Josue still has no idea that David died in the accident.  He, however, has remembered the accident and is starting to ask questions. Josue’s cousin will go see the doctor on Monday to let him know Josue is remembering things and ask how, when, etc Josue can know the truth. I knew if Josue brought up the subject of David today I would quickly change the subject.  He did not for which I was very thankful.   While there, however, something happened that should not have.  A man pushed open the gate to their yard, stood in front of us, pointed to Josue and said “Is that the man they said was dead?” He went on to say he heard there had been an accident.  We responded that there was nothing like that there.  I told him he had the wrong house and helped him leave.  I hope and pray this does not cause problems to arise before the visit to the doctor on Monday.  Josue was thrilled to see me today and he told me he has a lot of pain in his head still and so he needs to lie down a lot.  He asked me about Liette, who is his godmother, about Mariah, Josiah, Ariane and Tevan.  I promised to bring photos of them as soon as I can. Please continue to pray for Josue’s recovery and against a relapse when he knows the truth about David.  Thank you.

Josue & I – January 11th

Thank you once again for all the support during 2012.  You are the ones who have kept HATS running and making a difference in this corner of Haiti.   Thank you for the donations for the Mercy Food Ministry.  We continue to purchase, bag and distribute food to people in the area.  We are now starting to try and get food further away to the mountains around us where there are also a lot of hungry children.  Tomorrow Germaine will once again be making a huge purchase of food which will be measured, bagged and distributed by the team arriving on Tuesday.   Thank you for the donations of funds for chickens, Bibles and Hymn books.  The books will be purchased on next trip to Port.  Chickens are being purchased and distributed on an ongoing basis as they are available.

People are pleased and very thankful to this mission for its ongoing help to the community around us.  The thanks needs to go to God and to all of you who make it possible.

It is and always will be    ‘ALL    ABOUT    THE    CHILDREN’

With love and blessings,

~Karen and gang