“ELECTRICITY” – the HATS soap opera – The Sequel.

Yes. We are back with the sequel and a whole new season.
In our last episode of the season on November 3, 2014:

“Electricity” – the HATS soap opera – update.

Our installer arrived this morning! Yes he did.
The old Delco is disconnected and the new Wilson is all hooked up.
Nice and quiet and efficient.
Flick the switch. Life is good.

Oops, we may have spoken too soon. Anyway the electricity in the front part of the compound worked well but at the office and big house there remained a problem. Luckner finally tracked down, at least some of the problem, to an electrical short in one of the connecting wires from the generator. So yesterday he arrived (still dressed in his school teaching clothes) with a helper, Palto, to begin the replacing of the wires. He discovered that some of the outlets in the house were 220 volts instead of the standard 120V.

Stay tuned.

Luckner and Palto with ladder holders Moise and JJ


Karen was busy so Magdela was supervising Luckner


Where do you start?????

Last week while on a trip to St. Marc, Joan and Karen decided to go twacking.

The Dictionary of Newfoundland English defines the word:
Twack (Verb) To look at goods, inquire about prices, but buy nothing.

Well the ladies said they were twacking but they bought a table anyway. Karen said now that the riff-raft have gone home it would be nice to have a new table in the sun-room to replace the plastic patio table. It was an IKEA knockoff and none of the holes lined up but Jofky and I managed to put it together anyway.

Jofky and Keith figure out the new table


While the Maritimes dealt with a major winter storm, Joan and Karen enjoyed afternoon tea.

Sandra, they even saved you a seat.

Gotta go. A hockey game just broke out without me.

Stay tuned!!