Today the guys went with a new plan: early to rise and early to the work site, lunch at the compound – a siesta! – then back on the job later in the afternoon. The remainder of the trusses are up and the church looks spectacular already!! Lots of locals to give a hand and to watch with appreciation.

Early morning start to the day


11 a.m. Sat all trusses were up


11 am pickup for break from heat

Weather continues to be very hot but Maddy, Robyn, Noah and Vladimy managed to keep cool by washing the truck but getting most of the water on each other!

Four doors and a gate were repainted and some odd sewing jobs were completed.

Doors being painted


Painting inside & out at same time

Everyone (guys group and ladies group)had a chance to go to the market: an organized “mess” of gorgeous foods, fragrant herbs, charcoal filling the air and lungs. Smoked fish, raw meat – A parking lot for donkeys!!

Break from roofing to go to market


Verrettes market

Each group came back with different impressions: “crazy” from Dakota and Scotty’; “nerve-wracking’ in its chaos from Robyn and Rich… Aldonna and Carolyn thought it was “cool” and wished it were appropriate to take photos, and Maddy agreed it was “busy”.

Purchasing machetes


Ladies bringing chairs back from market

Tonight there is a plan a foot to return to the radio station and say a few words on air, maybe even sing Amazing Grace. Another enlightening game of Trivial Pursuit may precede bedtime: the new words for the trip….”Funning and Sunbar”. We all tried to guess their meanings with no luck- (we finally did and now have to use the words in a sentence and report back to Rich!) You guess!!!!! Good night for now- a day of rest tomorrow as Sunday is upon us.

Church project as of 6 p.m. pickup today