Weekend is here again.  That does not mean much here as one day runs into the next with the same routine, up early and go, go, go.  Same old, same old.

The plan to pour the cement roof on the water tower building on Wednesday was delayed again due to no blocks of the right size in the area.  Blocks needed for a roof are smaller than the ones used in the walls.  Businesses who sell blocks have explained that since the earthquake there is a large demand for the bigger blocks as construction is underway, but no demand whatsoever for the smaller blocks as people are putting on tin roofs instead of cement.  Why tin?   They have the idea another quake might hit and they want to wait and change to a cement roof later.

I want to see it finished and the tanks removed from this roof but at the same time, I have been thankful for the reprieve of many workers running around the compound.  I have been able to accomplish quite a few things since returning from PaP after seeing Sonia off on Tuesday. Too, I have had more time with my children.  For these things I am very thankful.

Thanks for helping Leica

Holding juice (freezie) myself

We returned to the store in Port on Tuesday with the receipt for the stove and the photos of what it looked like after the glass cover exploded.  To say they were surprised is putting it lightly.  They were shocked and saw no way it should have happened.  Well, join the club folks.  It is still totally amazing to me.  The good news is they are willing to take it back and replace it.  We will return to Port with it when we are able.

The kids are all doing well.  Josie was going through something for awhile but she is doing very well again now.  JJ continues to be JJ and continues to be in trouble regularly, but hopefully we will get somewhere as we continue to pray for him, and with him, and not accept the bad behaviour.  He does not really like sitting off in a corner, supposedly thinking about his behaviour, while the other children have a fun time with myself and Antoinette.

Giddiup Josie
Three beautiful girls
Three handsome boys
Josie & Ti Luc

I was tired of waiting for someone to help with some of the office work.  Thus I accepted someone here as my new office assistant. Well, perhaps not totally new as he might have been seen in photos in the office in the past.  His typing skills are not quite on a par with mine, but despite the fact that he types with his feet, he enjoys doing so and helping out his mama.

My office Assistant

Have yourselves a good weekend everyone!

Love from all of us here at HATS.