What do we do all day, you ask? Well, with all these kids each day is an adventure, for sure. Mike has kept busy in the bicycle repair shop. Most recently he has been removing training wheels for the adventuresome growing kids.

Mike in the bicycle repair shop


Training wheels are removed and ready for a test run


Jonathan takes off after Judel guides him


Jonathan has even mastered the corners!

Once Jonathan’s training wheels came off, Sandra got inspired to try it too!

Sandra getting some instruction from Anne on how to start without training wheels


Jofky enjoying the ride


Markenson enjoys trying out a new kind of bike

Nicki is Dr. Pluff (as Mike’s Dad used to call himself). There’s always a steady stream of kids needing medicine or first aid treatment. If it’s not a runny nose, it’s a scraped knee, or an eye infection. I’ve even been repairing some clothing and helping the kids learn to sew in the process.

Of course, we have to be “on call” in case something goes wrong. Last week we got a 5am wake-up call (“hello, hello” up the stairs) because propane had run out at the girls’ house and they needed to start making breakfast. This morning we were told “pa dlo”, meaning no water. Mike checked the tanks and they were all empty. He then checked and the water pump was not running. He turned the power off and on and still nothing. He then turned the breakers off and on and the pump came on. This is the water supply not only for the children’s home but for the school kids as well. So, all is well again and we let out a sigh of relief.

The water pump back at work again

We are enjoying our job of helping Karen and the kids and troubleshooting as problems arise. Every day is different and we hope when the next problem arises that we will be able to fix it.

~Mike and Nicki