It has rained for the last three nights. When we get big rain storms, it helps clear the air and keeps the humidity down. The lightning storms are amazing to watch too. I hope it keeps raining at night, it has been wonderful for sleeping in. I think I may be adjusting to the heat and humidity here, the other morning I woke up and I was cold! It had rained the night before and the wind was blowing, and I wished I had a blanket to put on. Feeling very thankful for the cooler nights!

On Saturday morning we went for our usual weekend walk. This time we walked along the canal, up through a field and back down around, coming out close to the compound. In the field there was a man sitting on a pile of rocks pounding them into smaller pieces to make gravel. When we were on our way back home, there was a young boy hauling a large jug of water back to his home. It was quite far from the canal and he would probably have to do that several times a day for his family. Not to mention that it was canal water which means dirty, smelly, disease-filled water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry, and drinking. It breaks my heart to see the conditions these people live in and how they live their every day lives. Imagine pounding rocks all day just to make a few goudes to feed your family. These people are such hard workers, they do what it takes to make through till tomorrow.

Although I never know what the day holds I always find something to do. Sometimes there is office work to do, or something needs to be cleaned up or organized. There is always language training to work on and of course always a little friend or two that want to play! Like Joan said in the last blog, colouring has been a huge hit here. The kids usually ask for it daily. The little ones love to play with little cars or plastic animals, while the middle and sometimes big kids color. Sometimes in the evenings the big kids gather together to play games, it can get quite intense!

I love the fact that there is always someone singing around here. I love that music is so popular down here. One of the kids is always humming a tune. They sing in church as a group almost every Sunday and I love to hear them practicing throughout the week. Staff devotions are joyful in the mornings with loud shouts of praise to God. It is a wonderful way to start off the day. Music really is a universal language. Even when I don’t know the words I can usually recognize the tune and hum along. TiFi has enjoyed being able to be a part of devotions every morning. This morning she was clapping and smiling and waving at everyone. It was wonderful to see her with a true smile on her face.

Yesterday I was in the apartment measuring for curtains and just envisioning where I could put the table, living room chair, and what the kitchen would look like, etc. and Keith walks in and sees me sitting on a pile of lumber, sticky notes stuck all over me, dreaming about my apartment! It was a funny moment. The new apartment is coming along. Keith has been building a wardrobe and a linen closet. I have been working on painting the doors and the frames. Hoping to have plumbing in within the next few weeks! It has such bright pretty colors and I can’t wait to move in.