Yesterday morning started with a devotion with the American visitors and the staff of HATS. It was a very neat experience singing songs in Creole, and a couple in English, and hearing a Haitian man here at HATS reading Psalm 91 to us.

After devotion, we enjoyed a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast prepared by Marta and Jermaine, two of Karen’s house-helpers here. Tres bien.

Then to work. We all split into groups, trying to tackle as many projects as possible. Brittanie and Kathy (the token Canadian) worked hard in the house making curtains, and helping with the children at school. Nolan, Ryan, and Garrett worked on running PVC to house the electrical wiring for the new addition in the front house.

David, Shane, and Ramona, meanwhile, went up to the beach for a while. I mean, I’ve heard of taking a break every now and again, but a morning at the beach while everyone else is putting in some labor just doesn’t seem right. I’m kidding. The three of them worked hard cleaning out water tanks. Draining the water, scraping the lime deposits and getting sediment out of the tanks, then filling them again. We all feel supremely confident in the cleanliness of the water we’re drinking thanks to them.

After we finished work, Ryan and Garrett enjoyed a game of catch with a few children here, then Garrett ended the game by throwing the football on a building. Smooth.

Marta and Jermaine took the afternoon to prepare a feast for us. Fried chicken, 3 or 4 different side dishes. It was excellent. We are very thankful for the work they do here. They truly keep things running smoothly.

The evening was spent sitting around, some playing Cribbage (a game of the North, Canada, with made-up-as-you-go rules by our good friend, Kathy…), some talking, a short time of worship music together, and then sleep.

All in all, another great day in Haiti, with a beautiful people group in need. Hopefully we can do a small part to help while we’re here, but please continue to pray for this country. The people are hard workers, and they deserve better. Please pray and support any way you can.

We love you all,