What a way to start the day – worshipping the Lord in Haiti!

We had a glorious service led in singing by Antoinette and then I shared a word from Philippians 4:4-5 about rejoicing in the Lord and showing gentleness.

Jofky & Karena playing tambourine’s in church


Group singing in church

I certainly enjoy the spirit in which we worship in Haiti.

After a wonderful lunch prepared by Marta and Germaine, we were back at it with paint brushes and rollers in hand. We have dined like royalty this trip – Marta and Germaine are the best!

At the end of the day, Superintendent Seth informed us that we were 85.47% finished with the first floor and 42.93% complete with the second floor. Our goal for tomorrow is to complete the second floor so we can return the scaffolding to the rental company.

Brittanie and Garrett


Joanna, Jessie, David and Garrett

I have to say this is one hard working team. All of them are busy about their task and the paint is going on the wall. We also have lots of help from the HATS children which it is great to see them invest in their homes. Vladimy was a tremendous help today.

Vladimy, David & Maddie


Joanna, Seth, Vladimy & David

We also found a new cut-in artist – Maddie, oh I mean Madeline, can cut with the brush. So much so that there will be an early morning contest on the west side windows to once and for all determine who is the greatest cut-in artist on the HATS compound – Seth or Madeline. May the steadiest brush win.

Seth and Maddie. Who is the best cut-in artist

A few bits of information and trivia from the day:

We officially dedicated the Huber Mansion with a little Canadian flare – EH!

Canada – Eh!


Beautiful finished Girl’s Home

Joanna and Madeline’s dad used to say to them (and dare I say show them)  – “math hurts”.

Seth was once featured on the ESPN program “Between the Lines” over a controversial decision by the Illinois State Board of Education not to let home-school children play in the public school soccer league. Not to be deterred though, Seth went onto dominate the Central Illinois Club soccer league by averaging 1.007 goals per game.

Jessie has never painted the color purple before and contrary to popular belief Jessie’s favorite 80’s song is not “Purple Rain”.

G spent the evening on the canal offering Creole lessons to Haitians. G would tell them “bon jou” is good morning and “bon swa” is good evening.

The list of those brave enough to walk the scaffolding included: Seth, Jessie, Madeline, Joanna, Brittanie and David… the one hugging the wall returning to the ladder would be G. It was a funny looking embrace though.

The entire team currently serving at the Comfort House will now be returning to HATS at noon tomorrow. Jerry’s only request was that the showers be cleared upon their arrival. We will look forward to their return at a safe distance. I will ask Brooks to give you an update of their effort only after he has showered of course.

Evidently, “mama” was not happy with our work because we did not enjoy a Sonic Happy Hour.

We will double our efforts tomorrow in hopes of securing that refreshing “soda”.

One does not visit Haiti and stay the same. An evening walk along the canal returns one to the simple beauties of life – a glorious sunset over a mountain ridge, a princess Leica swinging in your arms and a beautiful people working the land. It is good for one to return to such a simple focus – we serve a glorious Lord indeed.

Walk along the canal with sun setting

“Devo” time then bed.