It’s beautiful. Four bedrooms, a storage room, an inside bathroom with showers (a big luxury) and a big porch to play on.

Every inch of concrete–inside and out–needs to be painted. After today, here’s what I’ll put money on: if any of us has painting that needs to be done back home, some would give serious consideration to hunting through the nearest yellow pages (oh who am I kidding? Typing in and searching for ‘student painters’.

Jon, Aimee & Cherie painting Kay Timbrmart

It was a full, full, full day of work to complete our house. Quickly evident is the luxury we have at home with easy access to TIM-BR MART stores and the like that have everything you need to do a job well and quickly. Here, roller sleeves are used until they’re on the verge of unraveling. Extensions for rollers? Yeah, that’d be a length of PVC pipe left behind from another job and slated for use when the painting is done. Materials here are precious and hardly something to waste.

Preparing for cement walkways to buildings

Brian’s question: “Did ya tell ‘em about my MacGyvering today?” No, but I will now. Brian affixed formica on a countertop in THE most ingenious way in the Mission house…with tubes! Sticky, sticky formica. Lay PVC pipe down first. THEN lay the formica down. Size ‘er all up! Zip out the PVC tubes and voila! Formica, just where you want it. AND, after four days of no water for the women doing laundry, Brian MacGyver came to the rescue: he turned the two valves on. He’s officially their hero for the day.

Brian De & Cory Twa working on Missionary House

A walk along the canal just beyond HATS capped off our evening. Upon return, we had to rinse our hands in with a splash of bleach, a harsh reminder that Cholera is just beyond our gate.

Govt health workers getting help from workteam with meds to students

Oh right, of course, more football (soccer to us).

Adult and Kid soccer game
Ti Luc and Brian’s soccer game