This morning we woke up and went over to the school to do devotions with the children, lots of singing and clapping! It was truly amazing to experience such joy and passion in worshiping Jesus!

After devotions we came back to the compound to eat breakfast, pancakes and lots of fresh fruit!! We then bagged rice,beans and cornmeal to give out to the community.

Measuring the food to distribute


Preparing rice, beans, cornmeal


Two little helpers

During the children’s break at school we went over to meet and play with the children, it was overwhelming to interact with them and see their reactions to us. Our eyes filled up with tears and a part of our hearts will always be here.

Visiting school at recess time


Surrounding the visitors


Patricia with preschool students


Jenny surrounded at recess


Karena Mariah with Ti Mama Mariah

It was heartwarming to be able to feed the preschool children their lunch and see their faces fill up with big smiles.

Delivering a meal to preschool students

Afterwards, Karen took us into Verettes to go to the pharmacy. We rode in the bed of the truck, it was refreshing to feel the nice breeze as we drove as it’s very hot and humid!

After lunch we had a mango eating contest Erika ate 3 and Emily ate 5… the winner was JJ with 12!!  We are definitely all enjoying the fresh mangoes!

Four kinds of mangos for the contest


Who can eat the most

After cleaning up we all took a walk down the canal.. we are all very exhausted and are looking forward to getting a good nights rest!  Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow, as we are feeling very blessed to have this experience!

Judel & Jofky – two loving brothers

-Emily Gaunce & Erika Watson