While there are certainly many things to report from our day at HATS, our day started as it should…with the kids.


While Karen is excited for us to play there were many jobs to get done. Hence, the whip was cracked and we all got back to work. The ladies were back in the girls dormitory to finish up painting the bathroom and it’s official, it looks amazing.

The men moved at a much slower pace but continued to persevere in their respective jobs. Milford and Kyle began working on a new cabinet while David and Brooks continued their war of attrition with the termite infested converter shed. Everyone will be happy to hear that the Haitian Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (HOSHA) did stop by for a visit but luckily our guys were following most HOSHA guidelines and bylaws. Only one citation today, they spotted a redhead on the roof.  They were extremely proud of JJ’s safety precautions, not using a battery or a bit in his drill.




There was a soccer game today. We can report that the North Americans took it on the chin 2-1. You will be glad to know that there were no injuries but it will be an early bedtime for everyone.

The reality for all of us here is that this place is changing the world one heart at a time. We are simply blessed to be a small part of the Lord’s work here.



It’s all about the kids!!!

~Jordan & Claire