I am pretty sure today is Monday, November 3rd but I have no idea what time it is. Saturday before last we changed our clocks back, but rest of Haiti didn’t follow. This Saturday Haiti changed their clocks ,but we didn’t follow. Both Sundays we hedged the starting time of church and picked a time right in the middle which seemed to work. I am officially on HATS Daylight Saving Standard Time till further notice.

HATS Daylight Saving Standard Time

Joan spoke in church yesterday about Noah obeying God even when that is hard to do. Good crowd, good singing, good challenge and good fellowship.

Joan teaching and preaching


Joan with Magdela and Jofky

This week school is closed for exams that this school doesn’t participate in. So the kids are all home. Joan has started a library time and reading hour for the children. They really enjoyed hearing Joan read to them and then choosing their own favorite books to look at. She will try to do an hour every day this week.

Joan reading


Kids and Karen enjoying the books


Keith and Sandra enjoying Franklyn and his Bicycle.

There was a big crowd playing soccer yesterday afternoon and the weather cooperated with a little cloud cover. The older boys had a fierce competition with the neighborhood boys at the church pitch. The younger kids and the seniors played in front of the school. Boys against girls and boys won 10-9 thanks to heroics of Dieunel.



Kids and senior.


Keith – Relates well to small children because he is one himself!!

“Electricity” – the HATS soap opera – update.

Our installer arrived this morning! Yes he did. The old Delco is disconnected and the new Wilson is all hooked up.

Nice and quiet and efficient. Flick the switch. Life is good.

Mr. Wilson getting installed and hooked up.