Karen this time as I had to tearfully see Sandra off at airport today.
Once more I had to see some of my precious family members off at the Port au Prince airport to return to Canada.  Last week I was sad to see brothers Don, Ken and Bob leave.  A lot of work was completed and a lot of fun was had when they were here, along with Dave Buckle and Lisa Edison, as well as the three who stayed the second week.
Traveling in truck in Haiti. One sister riding in the pan of the truck and one hanging out the window of the back seat.
Airport arrival at 7 30 am
Today Luckner and I were both sad to see Dickie, Sandra and Jim leave.   I am already looking forward to when each one of them will be back.  At this point I know only when one will be returning, Don.  He will be coming with others from Newfoundland in May.  When the first family members left I still had three here with me.  Today when these three left I still have Keith, who arrived on Friday, here with me.  Having someone here at HATS to return home to helps make the farewell a ‘little’ easier.
The farewells have begun
Two special men saying Bye for another while
Until we can return!
Bye you two.  I am missing you a ton already
Keith held down the fort today and according to Germaine and others he was busy all day.  I heard him described as ‘Dickie de’ (Dickie two).  He did find time to take a lovely photo of our mission compound, looking lush and beautiful I must say, complete with a rainbow.
Keith’s photo taken today, beautiful lush compound complete with rainbow..
A huge thank you is in order for the million things that was taken care of by the whole group, during the first week and the other three in the second week.  Thank you to a very special lady, Lisa, for not only putting up with us nutty Huxters, and Dave Buckle, but for doing it with grace and with some good ‘comebacks’.  You, my friend, are welcome any time.
Normally Liette comes every November and takes care of the huge job of letters and photos from every sponsored student in our school.  This year Sandra was in charge of it all with Jim as photographer and computer whiz for inputing the photos.  Liette, your aunt Sandra did a good job of following your example and instructions on that important, huge, and time consuming job at the school.  She was a tad nervous about following you, but she need not have been.  She followed your instructions and advice and ‘took off running’.
Bye cuz.  Who is going to take care of my computer and old and Luckner’s old and new ones for Radio Creole now?
We realize that you, Liette, still have a lot of work to do translating all the letters from Creole to English and getting them, and the photos, out to all sponsors.  Without all this dedication and work, from everybody who helped, the school sponsoring program would not be successful.   THANK YOU so very much on behalf of all students and their families.
Remember – everything that is done at HATS by people here long term and short term is …A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N.