Well I can tell you this, there certainly has not been a lot of idle time at the HATS compound since our last visit a year ago about this time. The word “transformation” doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of work that has taken place. Of course, what did you expect with Karen leading the charge? Such is the reason we brought the grass seed, that way we can for the first time say that no matter where she is (or shall I say moving quickly to) there will actually be grass growing under her feet.

A few highlights from the day:

1. Started the day off right with a “spirited” devotion and praise time over at the school – Madeline informed us that she will be hosting a similar rally at THS next week.

2. Paint, paint, paint – purple paint. Today we made great progress painting the girls new dorm and yes we painted it purple with white trim of course. According to Superintendent Seth, we are 92.74% complete. We will finish up the girls dorm tomorrow and then move on to the two story Huber mansion.

Work underway on the girls’s home


Colouring up nicely


David with JJ supervising the painting


Mama’s built in painting team


Painters – Seth and Vladimy


Looking good

3. We had a straight forward discussion with Jessie about the the magnificence of the State of Texas. Garrett, our resident Texas Historian, was able to provide Jessie with a multitude of Texas facts and historical markers which by the reaction on Jessie’s face were quite astonishing. As I mentioned earlier, Texas gave the USA George W and who is that guy that Illinois recently gave us…?

4. The Ritchie girls are as expected following in their older sister’s footsteps and providing such a blessing to the kids at HATS. They can paint, too.

5. Our friend Marie and her kiddos (Angelberrie, Julie, Niessa and Benjamin) are visiting with us tonight from PAP. Marie is the widow of our dear friend Pastor Augustin Alberoi. Pastor Alberoi was a prince of a man who went to be with our Lord during the earthquake. I was fortunate to meet him on my first trip to Haiti in 2008. It was good to see Marie and her precious family. Missionary James was kind enough to bring them out from PAP this afternoon to pay us a visit. Of course, James wanted his Rice-o-Roni as well.

6. Karen is still go, go, go.

7. Ti-Luc is awesome. You should see this guy. Last year, he was just taking a few steps at a time. Now, he’s running across the living room (only when mom is not looking) and playing soccer in the courtyard with Seth. Hey G, what was the name of that All-American soccer player from that college in Central Illinois – starts with a “S”?

8. All in all, what a blessed day. The fellowship of the team has just been great – except for when a certain member of the team said “so you don’t really work, do you?” What was that all about Jessie? Have you heard of respect your elders? Tomorrow we will have a special “devo” for the young lady covering that exact topic.

9. Oh, did I mention Karen is still go, go, go?

10. As always, Karen brought in our favorite Blue Bell ice cream…
thanks “mom”!

Bed time –