Day 5 –  Monday – Our last day.

6:45 – Wake up excited for a new day, yet sad it’s our last one.

7:30 – Attend opening devotionals and flag ceremony at the school. This is always a special thing to see.

Morning devotions at HATS school

8:00 Luckner and Karen come up with brilliant last minute painting plan for us. We’ve done such an amazing job with the secondary school that they’d like the administration building to look just as great, so they request that David, Brooks, and Jake paint the top and bottom trim. After some deliberation, we get out a bucket of “Destiny Green,” (the color of the main house) and get to work.

The painting continues.  The school continues to look nicer.

11:50 We run out of Destiny Green with just a few yards of concrete left to paint. We consider this a parting gift for Brad.

12:00 Spaghetti for lunch! They feed us well.

1:00 The team (minus Julie) heads back to school and finish with final painting touch-ups. Julie goes to work teaching TiLuc how to use the new iPad she brought him. Thais will help him a great deal with his school, and he picks it up like a pro. Is there anything that boy can’t do? He amazes us.

Ti Luc receiving his iPad gift from Julie


3:30 We admire our painting handiwork.

4:00 Brooks puts on his annual magic show. Kids are entertained. House mothers are scared. We all laugh.

Brooks entertaining us with his magic tricks

5:00 Early dinner to prepare for our final big night on the radio.

6:00 Brooks and the 5 Blancs go live once again on Radio Creole. We sing a bunch of songs. Brooks breaks out a freestyle rap with Jake beatboxing. Jenn, Julie and Sara ruin this wonderful and touching performance with inappropriate laughter. All listeners are touched and amazed (we assume). We can’t wait to come back on the air next year. We promise Luckner to have a much better organized show next year. He probably doesn’t believe us.

Brooks and the five blancs


Brooks and Luckner

7:00 Final devotional with the kids. All but the little ones each sing a song to us. We present them with Jesus Storybook Bibles in Creole, then spend time praying for each of them, then hug all those precious kids. Apparently it gets a little dusty inside because there were lots of watery eyes.

Julie praying with Josie & Ti Luc


Jennifer & Sara praying with Kaeli, Djemima, Leica and Sandra & Jonathan


Jake praying with Dieunel and Judel


Brooks praying with Peter, Moise and JJ


8:30 Special time of prayer and reflexion on the roof with Karen. This is always a highlight. We love praying for and encouraging this amazing Red-headed Canadian!

10:30 We head to bed for a quick sleep before heading out at 4am. What an wonderful time with some of the most precious people on the planet. Our hearts are full, and a piece of them will remain with our HATS family.