Today I slept in. I must have been really tired.  I got Haitian oatmeal this morning so my day started off great again.  It was me with all the young kids and the ones home from school. Less stressful as we just colored all day including me teaching Jofky how to draw Spiderman. Then a game of soccer with Ti Luc and he is so much better than me at keep away.  I get tired before I even have the ball.

Heather playing soccer with Ti Luc


I then proceeded to walk back and forth between all the kids on the swings pushing them higher and higher including little Magdala who would take her hands off the chains every time I pushed and laugh.  I stand behind her scared to death she will fall!

Keith also just put in a tire swing and the kids can’t stay off.  I asked Moise, one of the older boys, if he had more fun on it than the younger kids. He said no but every chance he gets he’s swinging that thing so high I’m afraid he will flip it over the top.

Liette, Joan and Keith did a lot more work with sponsored kids today including the preschool who are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  They all walk in a line holding the shoulders of the one in front and then you see the little ones running behind to keep up. I admire those teachers because in Haiti it’s not just nap time and playing with blocks. They start learning at that age. How do the teachers keep them all focused?

Preschool and Grade one


Preschool Two


Photographer Keith

Later, we had the high school students who are too cool to smile in their pictures.  Last year I tried everything and still only got a few smiles. They always think the picture is better without it and if you make them laugh they will cover their face.

Grade 8 and 9


Grade Nine

Liette, Keith and Joan were pretty tired after long days of staring at translating, labeling and updating lists of students and sponsors!

End of a long hot tiring day working on school letters and photos with Liette


We both need a break from this school photos and letters work

This afternoon, we got to walk along the canal. It is so beautiful and so much fun seeing all the cows, horses and goats. We got back thankfully with no kids in the canal though there were some close calls.  Immediately they want to play soccer again I don’t know how I am going to keep up!

Sandra and Anne ready for the canal walk


Karena and Jofky. Ready to walk


Heather with our two youngest


Our little Sonson


Heather reading bedtime story to Dieunel and Ti Luc