Oh what a beautiful morning!!!

Sunrise on the canal

Sergeant-Major Karen allowed Joan and me to join her on her weekly, no kids, 06:00AM Saturday canal march. She sets a good pace! The sky colours this morning were out of this world. What a great way to start the day and finish the week. It was nice and cool as well. Of course I should explain that cool in this part of the world is anything below 30C.

Sunrise over the Massif Mountains

Despite the hour we were not alone. Locals on motorcycles and on foot were headed to the Saturday market in Verrettes. Horses, cows, goats, chicken and roosters shared the path.


Sergeant-Major Karen and Joan


Keith and Joan

Every morning 50-75 labourers gather on the canal bridge, outside the compound hoping to get chosen and picked up for a day’s work in the rice fields. By midmorning there are a lot of disappointed workers.

Off to work?

It’s Saturday so some of the kids roller-bladed, rode their bikes, washed the truck and did their homework???? maybe…. And chores.

Judel, Jofky, Dieumel and Josie rolling and riding


Vlad and JJ wash the truck

“Electricity”  – the HATS soap opera – update
Luckner is waiting to hear from the installer with his quote for the hookup. Then he will send a deposit to Port au Prince before the guy will show up. In the meantime the old Delco continues to put out sketchy voltage.  Its latest victims are Germaine’s blender and the mission house fridge! However, right at the end of the episode/day Paulto arrived to work on the fridges…… will they survive the night? Stay tuned.

Ti-Luc is supervising Paulto while apprentices Dieumel and Judel (wearing his hard hat) learn the trade.