There are many experiences here. I tell you it is Hot!! From the Canadian weather to here that is pretty good jump. Drinking lots of water that is the key. Almost double than I would have in Canada.

We have similar interests. From Hockey, singing with drums playing, bugs including the dreaded mosquitoes. Spiders are huge and hairy. One of the things I notice more above is that these Children don’t have Xbox or TV for that matter.  But somehow have something to do with a smile or laugh.

Hockey!!! They play hockey just without the ice because it melts so fast.  Doesn’t keep them from having fun and play the national hockey game of Canada. A couple of these kids are really good. Wonder how they would be with the Canadians and ice.




Spiders here are big but this tarantula is very tiny compared to what they can be. Either way my mom would be across the compound.  First hearing about the spiders here in Haiti, I didn’t know how I was going to react. Well it is just the same as I did in Canada.

In Church this morning the tambourines were going along with the drummers and singing. Wow if that is not praising God I don’t know what is. I would really like to learn songs of praise to God in one or both of my native languages. Just thinking of how powerful a tool it can be.

Stories flood in as everyone has their own story how they ended up at HATS including my own. God has placed his humble servant Karen Huxter who is such an inspiration for the short time I am getting to know her. Her passion is for the children.  One of the words that she hates to hear is “Can’t” I’ve seen it for myself in the children who people had written off.  She adopted a beautiful boy who is full of life and intelligence.  I have learned many lessons from him myself. The rest of the children in the property too are cared for just as if they were her own. Karen has been teaching independence to the older children as they have to face the real world of Haiti. What an incredible solider for Christ. Karen has been here 20 years and states “I know a lot but there is lots I don’t know. I am still learning” My heart has been touched by her story and the more that is to come.

This past week I learned so much. From the people in the HATS organization, Karen, even the children (who I would love to take home to Canada). God has blessed me with this time in helping paint a church and also learning of a different worldview and way of life. Nothing is too small or too big to ask God about. It is just simple faith. My faith in God has grown and I want to continue to grow.