Sorry, but I think I forgot the paragraph about the work at the school.

The construction work at the school is ongoing but almost finished. The walls and floors inside and outside the classrooms have been finished.

Cement work finished on elem school section – floor and walls inside and out

The new kitchen in now in need of plumbing, a door, and hopefully propane burners for cooking this year.

New school kitchen

We have built a wall – close to the toilets – to separate it from the rest of the school. Some year, some group will hopefully raise funds to purchase paint for the school buildings and come help us paint it. One step at a time.

Wall close to toilets to separate from rest of school


***Important message***

The lady, whose daughter had died, that I wrote about on the blog today has been found.

Luckner had organized search parties to go in several different directions from the area where she had left the moto taxi. At the same time he was keeping the community informed and seeking prayer support through Radio Creole. He had a good response of help offered through the radio requests and now we are happy to say it has been a success.

Her husband and family members are enroute to be reunited with her as I write this and to bring her home.

Thank you for your prayers. I ask for continued prayer support for her and her family as they work through the grief and intense emotional pain.

God bless you.