There are two lots of construction going on at HATS.   One is by bosses and labourers, supervised by Luckner.  One is by three of our children, supervised by Nicki and Karen.  I must admit the construction by our children is the only construction supervision I feel qualified for.

I recently did a blog admitting the financial state of HATS was not a good one – it was difficult for me to write that truth.  I have a huge problem looking for funds but I did mention it as it was for the children.  HATS is all about the children. I want to say ‘Thank You’ to anyone who has responded.

Some of you may be wondering why – if we have a financial problem – not enough general funds to run the mission properly – we are starting new construction on site.  The question would be a valid one.

I see a need for an apartment as I am trying to look at the longevity of the HATS mission.  This includes needing missionary workers – long term and shorter term.  To encourage people to join us in this work,  being able to offer housing is ‘very important’.  At the moment we have one apartment.  It is a good place for a couple on their own, with children, or who may wish to start a family.

We, however, also need another smaller apt for a couple (or single person perhaps at times) who will come for a period of three to four months or so.  Both are needed to have the mission run as it should.

I speak of the need of workers from my own experience!!  I have done far too much for far too long and it has taken a toll on my health and continues to do so.  Help is needed.  I really do not wish to subject other missionaries – long term or shorter term – to non stop work and daily stress here in Haiti.  To see HATS continue to run, and the children taken care of as needed, two apartments are required and the missionaries to fill both apartments.  There is a huge need to have someone living here onsite ALL the time.  The children need this.  Children may rebel against boundaries but they need them and they also really want them.  They have shown me that and have also told me that.  They do not like it when I have to leave without someone living here to do some of what I do daily.  One of my boys recently told me someone is needed here onsite to help keep them ‘in line’.

Whether missionaries are long term or shorter term they need to be able to take a break – visiting family and friends in North America – or just running away to a hotel or somewhere for a few days.  They need to be able to do what is necessary for their well being knowing there are people here seeing that the mission continues to function as needed.

One person living on site can’t do it all.  One couple living on site can’t do it all.  On a short term basis one couple can cover but to see that everything necessary is done, it requires more people to share the work load.

In light of this I asked work teams for 2016 to fundraise towards the apartment instead of towards doing a specific project when here.  We have had a good response from some groups – especially so from the hard working Springdale, NL group – for this cause.  Work has been started on the apt as seen from these photos of the stairs to where the apt will be going.  First step is the stairs.  Soon the walls will start to rise.  We will go as far as the present funds will take us.  All funds being used for this apt have been donated specifically for the construction of the apt.


All donated funds to HATS-Haiti are used for the purpose donated.  General funds for the running of the mission are used for this purpose.  Food funds to feed hungry people in our community are always used to purchase food to distribute to families.  School funds donated are used for the students and needs of the school.  I would like to remind donors to please designate the use of the money you donate if you wish it used specifically.  Otherwise it will be used for the general running of the mission and the needs of the children.

The second construction by the three boys has gone up quite quickly. No stairs required. Ti Luc passed the blocks with his feet.  Judel helped build.  Dieunel planned the design.  I wonder do we have an up and coming architect in our family – Dieunel perhaps.

Construction by Judel, Dieunel and Ti Luc


House has finished bedroom for each of the boys . .

This coming week we will be purchasing food to once again distribute to some very hungry people in our area.  The hunger problem around us is growing daily.  Every day the radio news talks about the millions of hungry people in Haiti.  We are a small mission with small amount of food funds remaining.  We cannot help a lot of people with food but what we do distribute is always greatly appreciated by those on the receiving end.

Proverbs 22:9-  “A generous man will himself be blessed for he shares his food with the poor.”

You continue to share with us here at HATS and we continue to share with the hungry and needy outside the mission.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do as we walk together to help the children in our area.


God bless you all.